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    Christmas cookies

    Angel Eyes Ingredients: 250 g Wheat flour (Type 405) 70g powdered sugar 1 pack vanilla sugar 1 teaspoon Lemon peel 1 pinch Salt 150g cold butter 2 Egg yolks (size M) 100 g Currant jelly (or raspberry jam) 2 tbsp Powdered sugar for sprinkling preparation For the shortcrust pastry, mix flour...
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    Christmas cookies

    10 different Christmas cookies - that's how I bake Hello everyone, Christmas time is the most wonderful time of the year for me. I love decorating the apartment festively, listening to Christmas carols and of course baking Christmas cookies. Every year I bake at least 10 different Christmas...
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    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, I'm Angelika and I'm new here in the forum. I am 45 years old and live in Germany. I am a big fan of baking and cooking. I love trying new recipes and treating my friends and family to my creations. My favorite dish is lasagna. I love the taste and smell that the dish gives off...
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