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  1. oneoffour

    Rice cook books

    Okay I have a great cook book for potato recipes. Wondering if any one has the ultimate rice cook book they could suggest. Something with each chapter for each country that cooks rice and or by meal use main, side, or dessert?
  2. oneoffour

    Making Do .....Butter

    Have a bullion strainer and good old cheese cloth. Think I will try #1 TY. Any Idea of ratio? Thinking if a pint of cream yields 1/4 cup it is a big production for a small end.
  3. oneoffour

    Making Do .....Butter

    We are over 65 in Pa. one of the counties in total shut down. We have home delivery of groceries but don't always get what we want. This last delivery no butter but heavy cream. Can we make do and make our own butter from the heavy cream. We have a Kitchen Aid stand mixer with the whisk. Do you...
  4. oneoffour

    Home made Limoncello

    LOL I can't waste a drop but I wonder if ignites with a match!
  5. oneoffour

    Home made Limoncello

    Got to love those grand accidents! How thick do you let the simple syrup get? Like olive oil or more towards maple syrup? Do you heave a guess as to what the final proof is on the limoncello?
  6. oneoffour

    Home made Limoncello

    It is the one that tastes the most like what we had in southern Italy. They had another version that had cream in it. Tasted like a Creamsicle had melted which was too sweet to me.
  7. oneoffour

    Home made Limoncello

    Wow That is a big batch! What tweeks have you done to refine it?
  8. oneoffour

    Home made Limoncello

    Ten organic lemons, 1(750ml) bottle Everclear, 3 1/2 cups water, 2 1/2 cups sugar. Zest lemons ( I use a sharp vegetable peeler). Combine lemon zest and Everclear in a large sealable container. Let steep in a cool dry place ( i let it go 4 weeks) but some do as little as 4 days. When it is...
  9. oneoffour

    Home made Limoncello

    Stirring or pouring don't do the same amount of aeration thats why they shake cocktails.It does not matter in what way the sugar is dissolved in the water as once it is a syrup be it by heat or blending each results in the same sugar concentration so there is no thermodynamic difference. With no...
  10. prime rib3

    prime rib3

  11. Cast iron: panini pan, pizza pan and crepe pan

    Cast iron: panini pan, pizza pan and crepe pan

  12. oneoffour

    2 cast iron cookware questions

    I am lucky that family handed down Griswold cast iron. There are the lodge pots and roasting pan and then a perforated cast iron griller, panini pan, and large round pizza pan.
  13. oneoffour

    First outdoor plantings for 2020

    Looks great! I've got animal trouble to figure out this year. Always had lots of birds but now skunk, rabbit, squirrel, and opossum that love my yard. Neighbor behind me got the groundhog.
  14. oneoffour

    Home made Limoncello

    Yes I use 10 organic lemons. I don't boil the filtered water for the simple syrup. I use an immersion blender instead. The cavitation introduces more air to the liquid (like shaking a cocktail). Boiling the water makes it go flat and you have to wait for it to cool before mixing. It taste better...
  15. oneoffour

    Home made Limoncello

    Anyone else making their own? This is great but you have to have it carefully. It is easy to over do it!
  16. oneoffour

    Peeling Carrots

    I thought that peeling was done because of the risk for cysts of nematodes or intestinal worms and other micro organisms. Potatoes that have had the skins treated with growth suppressants to slow sprouting during long storage have this chemical removed when peeled.
  17. oneoffour

    Peeling Carrots

    Short strokes both ways since the peeler has two blades for each direction. Keep it sharp with a diamond steel that was bought in the fishing section (great to sharpen hooks). Hang it on a shoulder hook not kept in a drawer with other stuff. That way the blades won't get nicked or dulled. Like...
  18. oneoffour

    New range - double or single oven

    Have a GE dual oven electric stove. Glass top. Smaller top oven full size bottom over. No problem to put a 25 Lb turkey in the lower oven. Like the five burner top. Two front burners have a large or small setting for the pot diameter. Had it about 12 years now. We were just talking that it is...
  19. dill salmon on mixed greens

    dill salmon on mixed greens

  20. White bean and Broccoli Rabe over orzo

    White bean and Broccoli Rabe over orzo

  21. stuffed pork loin

    stuffed pork loin

  22. Prime rib

    Prime rib

  23. Braised veggies from the fire pit and Salmon off the gas grill.

    Braised veggies from the fire pit and Salmon off the gas grill.

  24. Spit roasted on a gas grill.

    Spit roasted on a gas grill.

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