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    2021 Thanksgiving Plans (U.S.A. - 11/25/2021)

    I'm old and a loner. I generally don't celebrate any holidays, but this year I decided to make a small roast chicken with oyster stuffing, a broccoli mushroom casserole. and a mashed sweet potato.
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    What are your favorite pre-made beans?

    I rarely buy beans in a can either but when I want something sweet to go along with a spicy smoked Cajun sausage I go with B&M. I doctor it up a bit, though. For every other recipe that calls for beans I generally make them myself unless I'm desperate.
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    What are you doing?

    I'm just doing the chores that I enjoy. I've been to the feed store for 200 lbs. of expensive horse food for my 31 year old mare and laying pellets for the chickens. Then I changed water in the 3 fish tanks in the house. They only need a huge water change once a week but the many of the tanks...
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    Official Dinner Thread for Sunday the 7th ©

    Creole file gumbo with spicy Cajun sausage, lump crab meat and shrimp. It was too good for words but I did go a little overboard on the cayenne.
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    I finally looked it up. It sounds exactly like what I had in the joint in Mexico. I will put this on my list, for sure. I'm afraid I'll have to make it with chuck roast but I'm sure it will be excellent nonetheless. Thanks so much for pointing me to a recipe that I've been wanting to make...
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    Thanks. Now I know what to look up.
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    Which episode did you hear the recipe in. I looked it up Escaramuza is a celibration of female horsemen oops, horse women. Patti's Mexican Kitchen has lots of episodes with different Mexican foods.
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    Is it wrapped up to be untied upon serving? I used to have something similar in the small Mexican town I lived in in my 20's. They called it Barbacoa but every time I've looked for Barbacoa recipes they are not the same as what I used to have.
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    How do you brew coffee?

    I use the Mueller, too.
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    Monday's Dinner Thread 11/1

    I hope I'm not required to take a pic. I've never taken pics of food. What I had was typical southern minus the corn bread. I had turnip and mustard greens mixed together because my neighbor who sewed them mixed the seeds together by accident. I simmered them down with a smoked turkey neck...
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    Why isn't lamb a popular meat in the west

    The freshwater cat's are very mild and tender. They can replace any white fish. They are farm raised down here, but I've fished for them on a fresh water lake and they are even better. Don't try a salt water catfish. They taste horrible. I know from experience.
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    Frozen Pizza

    There is simply no decent pizza place in my neck of the woods. When I lived in NY and north Jersey there was always a great Pizza place. Folks around here simply enjoy only the normal southern fare. I finally decided that Red Barron pizza is the best of the bunch. I add more decent sauce...
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    Why isn't lamb a popular meat in the west

    I live in beef country. Lamb costs an arm and a leg. That should not be the case. Sheep are so much easier than cattle to raise. It's just the way it is. But heck, all meat including beef are almost too expensive to buy. I eat a lot of chicken, pork, and our Mississippi catfish.
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    Oven Shrimp...easy and delicious

    I have all the ingredients on hand. I will make this soon. I think I'll go for the coconut one first. The Argentine large red shrimp have a very strong shrimp favor that needs mellowing with a bit of sweetness.
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    Lodge Carbon Steel Skillet - Expands When Hot

    I'd contact Lodge or take it back from where you bought it. This sounds like it could be dangerous like from an internal flaw in the cast iron or something.
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    Good NY Cheddar is a thing of the past

    It comes with the black wrapper. It might be called seriously sharp or something. I've had excellent cheddars from both England and Ireland but the imported stuff is appropriately expensive. Canadian Black Diamond used to be a favorite for a long time, but you have to understand, I live in...
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    Good NY Cheddar is a thing of the past

    I mourn the loss of Kraft Extra Extra Sharp cheddar. One day it was part of my life and then Poof...Gone! People may poo poo a big company like Kraft being capable of producing a top quality cheese, but in this case they are wrong. I know what a good sharp cheddar should taste like and feel to...
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    Throwback Thursday Dinner ~ 10/21/21

    I made a very spicy chili with stew meat low and slow in my new oven. I had it today, too as is usually the case with stew type dishes it was better the next day. Need to put the rest in the freezer divided into servings for 1 since I cook for 1. It's nice to have a freezer full of good meals...
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    Kitchen "Candy" ~ Or, Look What I Just Got!

    Thanks for the congrats, folks. Dave, I have a big fish room. My first love is breeding Discus. There is nothing more beatuiful to me than seeing a top quality pair with fry on feeding on their slime coat. I also breed Pitch Black Rams that are in great demand and bring a high price. Since...
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    Kitchen "Candy" ~ Or, Look What I Just Got!

    My microwave hasn't worked for years. My oven quit a few months ago although the stovetop worked well enough. I live on SS so I mostly squeak along but I also breed some expensive tropical fish that only have a market for a few fish nuts. I sold enough fish to pay for new appliances. So far...
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    The Thankfulness Club

    Yesterday Lowes delivered the stove and microwave I'd been yearning for but couldn't afford until recently. The salesman said that they would install and remove for free, and change out the natural gas jets for the LP gas ones. The receipt said that I'd paid $30. for haul off but I accepted...
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    Can opener hard to open and clean

    I finally decided that my old one was not meant to last forever. I got an Oxo and fell in love. I don't know if this will be an everlasting love because I've only had it for a few months and it is, after all, just a can opener.
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    Seasoning a Wok and keeping it seasoned

    Thanks, especially to you, Dave. I will do as y'all suggest. Dave, would a Brillo pad work ?
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    Seasoning a Wok and keeping it seasoned

    It was supposed to come already seasoned but it rusted. Then several times I spent a good while putting on high heat on the stove and when one part got smoking hot then slowly moved it around under the flame in all parts got smoking hot. Since that hasn't worked I think that I should do it in...
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    Seasoning a Wok and keeping it seasoned

    Hello folks. Even though I don't show up her often I thing of this forum is a valuable resource, I can't seem to keep my wok seasoned. I have no problem with my cast iron pan, just the Wok. Supposedly the wok was pre-seasoned but I keep getting rust on mine. I re-seasoned it many times and...
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