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  1. Carl D

    Lamb leg center cut and marinade

    I too love this cut of lamb. I love rib and loin chops, but they are so expensive. The leg slices are usually much cheaper. I have one in my fridge marinating right now in a marinade very similar to your recipe (no sage in mine,-but I am not opposed to the idea!). My favorite way to cook them is...
  2. Carl D

    Soft-boiled Eggs In Microwave?

    Please note I thought I was directly responding to the post about power levels.As a newbie, I did not realise that this site does not have branching response options. Or i have not yet figured them out.
  3. Carl D

    Soft-boiled Eggs In Microwave?

    MW power levels Amen. As well as using the variable power on your MW, everyone should know the power output rating of their oven.. This is a pet peeve of mine, especially when recipes or pkg directions are non-specific as to what wattage their "14 minutes" or whatever is correct for
  4. Carl D

    Soft-boiled Eggs In Microwave?

    I have cooked "boiled" eggs successfully in the microwave, in the shell without no explosions. My method calls for wrapping each egg in aluminum foil and submerging the foil wrapped eggs completely in water. The water prevents arcing from the foil and foil keeps the m-waves from heating the...
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