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    What's for Wednesday's Dinner - 3/4

    Fish curry
  2. K

    Bulletproof coffee at home

    Can we also use coconut oil?
  3. K

    What are common Halal (food cart) spices

    Good to know that, something new
  4. K

    What have you had for breakfast lately?

    I mostly preferred scrambled egg or omelet with juice or smothy.
  5. K

    Cap Steak, the SV way

    Interesting, never heard of this before!
  6. K

    Looking for help.

    Hello and welcome here. I really appreciate you work, its a fantastic idea to make a painting of the food. I will definitely share pictures of the food prepared by me in future.
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    How Should Lamb Chops be Cooked?

    Chops are quick to cook and easy to portion. Lamb chops should be cooked over a high heat for a quick roast. It depends on how thick are the lamb you chopped for barbecuing, griddling, pan-frying and grilling these all methods that suits lamb chops with an aim to get lots of different color on...
  8. K

    Vegetable samosas

    I love to eat and make Indian food and i found samosas is the dish which is very famous in India, I also tried it and literally it was delicious.:chef:
  9. K

    Corned Beef

    Corned beef is made from brisket, a relatively inexpensive cut of beef. The meat goes through a long curing process using large grains of rock salt, or “corns” of salt, and a brine. It's then slowly cooked, turning a tough cut of beef into one that's super tender and flavorful.
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    New comer : sanyoc5

  11. K

    New comer : sanyoc5

    Very interesting recipe you have shared with us moreover video helped me so much to perfectly understand your dish. Thank you!
  12. K

    New comer : sanyoc5

    Hi sanyo, A very warm welcome to you, We will eagerly waiting for your recommendations regarding cooking.
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    Eating My Way Through Spain

    The large midday meal, called la comida, has several courses and usually includes five or six choices in each. At home, Spaniards do not traditionally eat “fancy” dishes on a daily basis, but still enjoy a soup or pasta dish, salad, meat and/or fish, and a dessert, such as fruit or cheese.
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    New comer : sanyoc5

    Hi Sanyo!
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    What's for dinner Monday, 1-20-2020

    Veg roll, honey chilli potato and cold drink....
  16. K

    Need help with potato cakes

    You can also add some gram flour for more taste..
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    Monday dinner, 1-13-2020

    Cashew Curry and brown rice
  18. K

    How to thicken up pasta/marinara sauce

    I think corn flour will work well to thicken the sauce …… add corn flour and water mixture…
  19. K

    Fresh Pasta

    Can you please share the image? I am keen to see the pic
  20. K

    Carrots, glazed, question

    After seeing this, I remembered a recipe of grated carrots and rice ... It looks delicious and tasty.
  21. K

    Sunday Dinner 12/29/19

    Cheese french fries and Strawberry shake.
  22. K

    Boxing Day Dinner? 12/26/19

    Beef, it was so yummy
  23. K

    Dinner, Saturday 12.21.2019

    it looks so delicious
  24. K

    Hello fellow foodies

    You are on good platform...
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