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  1. cloudela

    Do you think good hummus is underrated or overrated?

    I think it depends on people's tastes.
  2. cloudela

    Egg Cuisines Among The List Of Breakfast Items

    I love mie goreng too. When I travel to japan, I saw the indomie instant stirfry noodle which makes a pretty good mie goreng. Just need to add shrimp, some cabbage and of course runny egg yolk.
  3. cloudela

    What spices would you put in chicken noodle soup

    My recipe is: 2 tsp fennel 3 Tbsp coriander seeds 1 tsp cloves 2 black cardamon 1 cinnamon stick (20 grams 5 star anises (about 6 grams) Use a filter bag boil it with the stock for 30 minutes and simmer for about 1 hour
  4. cloudela

    Egg Cuisines Among The List Of Breakfast Items

    Poached egg is the best for me, just poached egg with some salt and pepper will be enough.
  5. cloudela

    Question about olive oil

    Uncooked olive oil is edible. I use a few drops of olive oil on my pasta, and I love bread with pesto sauce.
  6. cloudela

    Hello everyone !!!

    I'm Cloudela and I'm a new member. It's my pleasure to be part of this amazing community.
  7. cloudela

    Are all canned food ready to eat without any cooking?

    In most cases, the food is already cooked before being canned (the manufacturer will put notice outside the can if the food needs to be cooked). I usually rinse them or just reheat before using them.
  8. cloudela

    The best pancake recipe

    You can try to find other recipes from some good food websites like bordforden, taste, food network...
  9. cloudela

    Sunday Supper January 29, 2023

    Burger with a bottle of corona
  10. cloudela

    The best pancake recipe

    You can try make this Perkins Potato Pancakes Ingredients Two beaten eggs, yolks, and whites Fresh milk One bowl of all-purpose flour Three tablespoons butter Seasoning: pepper and salt to taste (don’t add too much). Herb is okay or not because you will be eating it with sauce or bacon, so it...
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