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  1. Tannehill Kid

    Turkey Problem

    The Klose pit I have has two gauges on it and the one closes to the fire box had the reading of 125. There can be a difference of 40-50 degrees from the fire box end to the stack end when cooking and the gauges are located even with the top rack(which is out on this cook). Have seen a 10-15...
  2. Tannehill Kid

    Turkey Problem

    Wife and I had to leave a turkey on the smoker unattended and was gone longer than we thougt we would be. Two and a half hours. When we got home the pit temp was down to 125 and the internal temp of the bird was 110. Checked the internal temp of the turkey right before we left and it was at...
  3. Tannehill Kid

    Turkey Time!

    Doing 2 smoked and 2 fried this year.
  4. Tannehill Kid

    re-heating brisket

    This is the way I do it. Cook the briskets the way you normally would let rest them slice. I have a cutting board that is just a little narrower than the vacum bag that I slice briskets on. Go ahead and seal one end of the bag. I do several at a time in advance. Slide brisket into bag then...
  5. Tannehill Kid

    Cooking Brisket for 400

    I have been ask to fix brisket for 400 men at a banquet. I like to smoke flats in the 6-7# range. I know the rule of thumb is to figure 1/3# per person of cooked brisket and that is for men and women for a average. Considering that I will be smoking flats how many #'s of raw briskets do you...
  6. Tannehill Kid

    Cashew Pork with Snow Peas and Ginger

    Looks so good I'm gonna give it a try
  7. Tannehill Kid

    Burger Poor Boys

    My mouth is watering for one of those
  8. Tannehill Kid

    you wanted to see the pics of my new smoker..

    Hope you enjoy your new smoker
  9. Tannehill Kid


    Made my yearly trip to HD to stock up charcoal and got 400#s also. I had one double bag left over from last year and they were 21.6# bags. They have it on sale at this time every year and I stock up. Notice Sams was $16 plus for two 23# bags.
  10. Tannehill Kid

    WSM Pork Butt weekend

    Nice job on the butts. I was looking at the price. :shock: I paid the most I've ever paid this past week and that was $1.49 a pound.
  11. Tannehill Kid

    First brisket... A few questions.

    I was at a Sam's club last night and the case price was $1.69.
  12. Tannehill Kid

    Smothered Chicken Breasts

    OMG. I could hammer on that. Looks really good.
  13. Tannehill Kid

    A Different Kind of Barbeque

    That's my kind of eating. Just had fried shrimp tonight myself. Looks mighty good.
  14. Tannehill Kid

    Fajita sammich

    Now that's a good looking sandwich.
  15. Tannehill Kid

    Game Day cook...

    Sounds like a feast going on. I thought I have had squirrels everyway you can fix them but I have never had them grilled :shock:
  16. Tannehill Kid

    Pulled Pork Pockets (pics)

    Great idea. Thanks
  17. Tannehill Kid

    Italian sausage

    Yeah man. Looks good.
  18. Tannehill Kid

    ABT stuffed Pork loin, Sorta

    Could hurt myself eating that.
  19. Tannehill Kid

    Who Dat Nation

    Who dat? Who dat say they gonna bet them Saints. I hope they can get to Manning like they did Favre this past weekend. That guy took a beating and kept coming back. Lots of respect for Fave.
  20. Tannehill Kid

    Grilled shrimp and grits

    That does look dang good.
  21. Tannehill Kid

    Griff Loaf

    good looking sandwich.
  22. Tannehill Kid

    Blue cheese jalapeno burgers

    Good looking burgers Ron
  23. Tannehill Kid

    Had To Try The Parkay Brown Sugar & Honey Ribs

    Those do look good. May have to try a rack this weekend when we watch the Saints beat the Vikings :shock:
  24. Tannehill Kid

    Small Pork Loin Roast

    Could get down on that.
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