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    Do we have Farm knowledgeable people here?

    Wouldn't fly in South Africa. When the big lorry comes to collect milk they take a sample from the tank. The milk goes into the big tanker and transported to the debot. All the samples from the route are tested and if there is any nasties in any one sample the lorries tanker is dumped and the...
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    German vs Japanese Knives

    I'm on the fence on this one. Absolutely love my Japanese blades, I send them to a knifemaker for sharpening and can cut tomatoes paper thin. Once I got used to a single sided edge my cutting became incredibly accurate. I at one point used my Yanagiba for majority of my cutting. That said, I...
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    Bread with noodle

    Craving incredibly starchy foods is a sign of depression. Has to do with serotonin levels. I had a rough patch and used to crave mashed potato sarmies.
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    Bread machine woes

    Just a update: I am now making artisan loaves. Pretty simply combining water, yeast flour and salt together, leaving for 24 hours and baking. They taste better than shop bought artisan bread. I'll add pics as soon as soon as I get my photobucket account sorted. I did a costing and it costs...
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    What is your weather like right now?

    Chilly day today, 17'C. Overcast and no rain. KwaZulu-Natal South Africa
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    Bread Yeast Question

    From the replies in this thread I've decided to make a sourdough starter and in the process found out that my yeast was coming into contact with my salt. I know put my yeast in before the flour. Much better results now that I have formed a barrier between the two.
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    Bread Yeast Question

    Thank you! That sounds exactly like what I was watching. I'm not too clued up on baking as I've just started the journey. As I'm moving into a very rural area I'm teaching myself quickly to bake so I always have bread.
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    Bread Yeast Question

    Thank you, i'll google that. Might jog my memory.
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    Bread Yeast Question

    A couple days ago I was watching the food channel and there was an interview with an artisan baker - he claimed his yeast was over 10 years old. He stored it in a jar and kept topping it up. I was too busy looking after my daughter to pay careful attention. Does any member know of a way or at...
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    I want to digitize my recipe files

    Look for scanner apps for your phone on your app store, basically take a pic and store it as a pdf as a shortcut. I am lucky at work we have a massive scanner. I scan all my recipes. maybe start slowly typing them out?
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    Hops question for Beer Making

    From the small amount I've read hops roots grow deep and they need to be supported as they really get heavy. Personally I buy my hops as I only brew 25l at a time. I need lots of different types of hops to brew what I like. Maybe download DIY Dog by Brew Dog and look at their single hop beers...
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    Aquaponics Anyone?

    I've been looking at this, but I don't eat tilapia. Would love to see if I can do this with trout. I have wild trout in a stream at the bottom of the property I'm moving into in December.
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    Just wondering ... what is everyone reading now?

    Currently reading 'breaking the Jewish code' forget the authors name. Basically it addresses how the most persecuted nation does so well in all aspects of life. Just bought 'the missing link' by Kevin Lings a South African economist and fund manager at STANLIB an investment company I use to...
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    Bread machine woes

    Thank you for the responses. My dilemma was I sold my stove/oven and got a gas oven as I am moving from the city to a smallholding in the drakensberg in South Africa. My gas oven is not great. It wasn't sure about how reliable the electricity supply is. I'm going to try the dough function...
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    Bread machine woes

    Thank you for the replies. I will try the yeast trick. In brewing we call it a yeast starter. My machine is second hand. It makes loaves from 2lb - 3lb. From the above I have found and downloaded the recipe book. Hopefully this will help going forward.
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    Netflix question

    Sorry to hear, I use an xbox with the netflix app.
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    Bread machine woes

    I recently bought a bread machine as I don't have time to hand make bread. Three loaves in and I'm stuck. First loaf one side didn't mix - my fault as I didn't attach the mixer properly. Flopped in the middle and was dense. Second loaf was hard and dense. Third the same. Common problem is...
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    To bring up an old thread. I used to hunt with a PSE dream season Evo. Traded it for an airrifle to control pests in our orchard and veggie garden. I'm getting a PSE stiletto soon, just needs a new string. In the process of licensing a CZ Brno .22 and hoping to add a 30-06 to my collection...
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    I'm looking to buy a Japanese knife set

    I love Japanese knives. Have a look around for a professional knife maker in your country who specialises in Japanese knives. You will get a one of a kind set. Most specialists use high carbon steel and these need to be cared for by oiling them regularly as they get an orange rust that...
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    Why I Hunt...

    I could listen to stories of 'sustaining' one self all day long. Thank you for sharing. Reminds me of being a kid and roaming farms with air rifles and eating what we shot.
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    Why I Hunt...

    Good going? You a rifle or bow man? I started with a rifle and ended on a bow. Got rid of the bow when my wife fell pregnant, now I use a butcher ;)
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    Up in Smoke

    How do you get the skin so crispy?
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    Another Brisket Cook

    That looks great! I usually buy the brisket bone on. It drops the per KG price. Last time I bought a 6kg Brisket on the bone for +- R60/kg ($4-$5/kg) I cut the brisket off the bone and either spice and roll it or just spice it. I do the ribs the following weekend. One of my best cuts of meat...
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    Thank you for the replies. She is due any day now and is my first. My mother and mother in law are making us freezer meals for when we are exhausted. Will get posting recipes when I'm back in the house.
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    Hi, I'm snowbeast from South Africa. I really enjoy outdoor cooking, I braai(BBQ) a lot and also slow cook on my kettle braai. In the kitchen I like to make my own pasta and cook Indian food. I'm currently on a quest to educate myself in the proper preparation of Indian foods. On my list is...
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