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    Basic Cooking Principles - how to apply them to my cooking?

    Thanks for all your advice everyone. To answer some questions: Beef soup. Chicken soup Beetroot soup Cabbage soup Lamb Casserole Chicken stew Roast chicken Steak Various curries from jars. Vegetarian chilli Beef chilli I enjoyed everything I have cooked except for the cabbage soup...
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    Basic Cooking Principles - how to apply them to my cooking?

    Thank you, good to be here. So medium heat would mean turning the dial on the stove half-way right? And then if I want medium high, I turn the dial 3/4 of the way? What would I turn the heat down to? When you say "after you get your protein going", do you mean after the meat has browned on...
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    Fats/Oil - How much am I really eating?

    Hi there, If I cook something that requires me to cook onions in 1 x tbsp of oil and then to use another 1 x tbsp of oil to cook meat, does this mean that when I eat the meal, I am eating at least 2 x tbsp of fat? Not to mention all the fat that is in the meat? The answer might seem obvious...
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    Toasted Quinoa - How can I toast quinoa I wash it?

    Hi there, I enjoy cooking rice by toasting it first followed by simmering it. It comes out really good. Because toasting rice prevents the rice grains from sticking together, there is no need to wash the rice. However, with quinoa I believe the situation is different. When you wash quinoa...
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    Basic Cooking Principles - how to apply them to my cooking?

    So I learned that most proteins in meat coagulate between 71-85 degrees Celsius. I interpret that to mean that if I want to be good at cooking meat I should try and keep the temperate being applied to meat within the range. However, I am unsure how I would be able to judge this when using a...
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