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  1. Where we live...

    Where we live...

    Post pictures from around your home to let others see your perspective...
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    Fav Healthy Meals?

    I just made this the other night that was very good and light....I mixed cottage cheese into the rice with diced tomato, greek olives, cilantro and lemon juice.....I was surprised on how good the cottage cheese was in it!
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    TNT Asparagus with goat cheese and roasted red peppers!

    Thats sounds great!! Thank you!!
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    A quick "Hello!"

    Bless you Katie! So many have been non stop worrying about you and sending out constant prayers! You are one tough cookie! Keep staying strong and warm!! Prayers will NOT stop!!! {{{{prayers and hugs!!}}}}
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    Happy Birthday dave the baker!

    Sorry I missed it Dave!! Happy Belated Birthday! Hope it was a great one!! :)
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    One year

    Awsome TG!! The hardest part is behind you!!:clap::punk::clap:
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    I need advice, please?

    This is kinda hard to answer because all Mexican places in my experience (I grew up in LA so trust me I have had TONS) are all different in how they do their toppings and sides....some places go over board in all the " mushy stuff" and some places give just enough to compliment the dish. A...
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    Katie E - MIA?

    no worries, I knew who you were replying to :)
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    Katie E - MIA?

    I was just going to say the same thing, I remember her saying the same...hopefully she chose to not listen to her kids with this! She has been in my thoughts!
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    Prayer Please, I am coming to the end of my rope!

    Oh Laurie I'm so sorry to hear you are still going through this! I can only imagine frustrated you are right now. But don't give up the fight! You are doing awsome! But just like most things I'm sure it's the whole take one step forward, two steps back......we're here for you lady with constant...
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    Dave Hutchins has passed

    My heart dropped when I saw this :sad: Rest peacefully Dave. You will be remembered by many!! :angel::sad::angel: God Bless you friend. And thank you Fisher's Mom for keeping us updated. {{{{HUG}}}}
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    Whats for Dinner, Wednesday Jan 28th?

    boring night for me....burger (no bun) tator tots and slaw...... That looked yummy Vanilla Bean!!!
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    Caramel Coffee

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm my favorite!!!!!!!!!! :)
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    We Need Prayer, Please

    My thoughts and prayers are with you guys! He will provide!!:angel:
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    Tamale Meatballs

    I use the pre mixed packages found in the grocers that are in the pouches. But any instant corn bread mix is fine
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    What is your weather like right now?

    Snow and ice everywhere! and we had no power for most of the day! But I'm very grateful its on now!
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    My great-grandaughter's birthday

    Congratulations! Keep hope that you will soon have both of your babies in your arms, and make sure you let it be known you are wanting very much to see them, don't assume your grand daughter knows, you don't know what she has been led to believe! Speak your heart to her, most new mothers will...
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    Old Venting Thread

    :sad: sorry to hear about this! Hope it gets back to normal very soon!!
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    This or That

    steel shell fish or fish fillet
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    Name Any Movie, Show, Cartoon...

    Good Morning Vietnam!
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    Food Game

    eel roll
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    I went shopping for...but bought instead

    I went shopping for a pin the tail on the donkey game and bought a pin cushion instead
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    My daughter just freaked me out!

    Yes she has a night light, and this was basically the first time for her. Her night terrors ended a long time ago (well at least 6-8 months ago) and were very different from tonight, when she would have night terrors she was obviously asleep tonight she was awake. Also it was more of her hearing...
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