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  1. dmtky

    re-heating brisket

    hey guys, I'm cooking for a car show this week end. Want to pre cook part of it on Thursday for Saturday. I was wondering about the brisket. Is it better to slice it and bag it or can I cut them in half and vacuum pack them and then drop them bag in simmering water like I have done pulled pork...
  2. dmtky

    prime rib, need help

    hey guys, need some help. I'm supposed to cook prime rib at our Elks lodge in a couple of weeks. I've cooked them on my wood burner but never done any in a convection oven. Anyone out there can help me out with the best way to do these?
  3. dmtky

    cowboy beans

    Anyone got a good recipe for cowboy beans, We're having a hobo party at the Elk's lodge this weekend and they want cowboy beans and cornbread to go along with my brunswick stew.
  4. dmtky

    Brisket Flats on the Smoker

    Great job Gary. Where did you find such good flats. Also, how do you reheat them.
  5. dmtky

    Santa Maria Style Tri-Tip

    looks great. Makes me really miss those tri-tip sandwiches I used to get up in the Central valley when I lived out there.
  6. dmtky

    BBQ Pit Masters Season 2

    I'll watch because of Diva but the show really sucks this year.
  7. dmtky

    Happy Birthday to me!!

    well, thanks for all the input. Can't find anyone close to me that carries the WSM so will probably order online. Would like to see them both before I buy. If not, what the hell, might get one of each, lmao.
  8. dmtky

    Happy Birthday to me!!

    I got my 58th birthday coming up on this month and was trying to think of a good present for myself, and BANG!!!, a new WSM sounds like it might do the trick. Never owned one and was wanting some input for all you WSM gurus. Should I get me the 18 or just jump on the 22? It's all in your hands...
  9. dmtky

    Ferris wheel chickens

    Looks absolutely fantastic!!!
  10. dmtky

    Reheating Pork

    I wrap the butt and freeze them when I got something big coming up, the thaw them a little and reheat. Sometimes I put them back on the Lang to reheat, if not I got a BQGrills gas pig cooker that I use. Either way they come out tasting just as good as the first day.
  11. dmtky

    Dutch oven

    looks great. I've got 10 or 12 pieces of cast iron and we really enjoy using them, especially for making cobblers and up-side down cakes. I've got a big one that goes on the firebox of the smoker everytime I cook for making pintos. best beans you ever ate.
  12. dmtky

    need help with beef ribs

    Had a guy call and wants me to cook brisket and beef ribs for 50 people. I've got the brisket down but haven't done beef ribs but once on a small offset with poor results. Got a Lang 84 now, using hickory, white oak and apple, need some guidance on the ribs. All help appreciated.
  13. dmtky

    What have I got myself into?

    If it was me I would get some new Kinsford hickory charcoal and no you don't need to wrap the wood. Apple is a good choice for ribs, I use it alot in my Lang with either hickory or white oak. Rib racks are a preferance, I use the but I usually cook 15 to 30 slabs at a time. Just watch them...
  14. dmtky

    What have I got myself into?

    I cooked on one of those for 2 years, it was a lot of work sometimes but some of my best memories come from learning to cook on it. Just take your time, get your extra charcoal ready before you really need it and don't add too much wood at a time. After 3 or 4 cooks you'll be fine, you just have...
  15. dmtky

    Skatti n meatballs with smoked sausage

    Good eats again JB, gonna have to write that down and try it later this week
  16. dmtky

    BBQ chicken n stuff Mac recipe added

    Re: BBQ chicken n stuff damg JB, just ship about 2,3,or 40 plates of that up here to Kentucky.
  17. dmtky

    Brisket frezzing

    I just cut into about 4 or 5 pieces, shrink wrap it and then freeze it. When I want some just pull it out and thaw, then reheat in micro or do the simmering water method, then slice and eat.
  18. dmtky

    Need to learn my ABT's

    I've had good luck pre-cooking the bacon jusst to the point where you can still wrap with it
  19. dmtky

    Christmas eve practice run..

    Looks great John Pen. :D
  20. dmtky


    hey Bluz, when ya get it all figured out, let me know, I've been thinking about one but I ain't exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, lmao. Good luck buddy.
  21. dmtky

    need some help with elk roast

    my father-in-law's buddy gave him a front and rear quarter from an elk he got in New Mexico and now he wants me to smoke some roast for opening day of deer season, along with some brisket, butts and ribs. Gonna be a party!!! I need some guidance on the elk roast as I've never done any before...
  22. dmtky

    Navy beans with tasso

    dang JB, that looks good, I brought me back a bunch of tasso when I was down there, may have to come back and get me some more this winter.
  23. dmtky


    Mitch, it really looks great, nothing like beer can chicken for moistness. Fine job on the pork too.
  24. dmtky

    How To Cook a Picnic Shoulder

    when I cook them I make a cut from the shank end to the other thru the skin and the take a small fillet knife and go between the meat and the fat on each side of the cut so I can get my rub in there good. then cool skin up. the skin where you cut it will pucker up during cooking and I spray...
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