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    The "what are you listening to now" thread

    Listening to some Dinosaur Jr right now
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    Let's Talk TV

    The Wire, Sopranos, Homeland and House of Cards are some amazing TV shows
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    Stray Thoughts 2.0

    I like your signature, Dawgluver
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    Lunch menu for birthday party

    Wouldn't mind taking a look at that recipe!
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    Tonight's Dinner - 6-9-2016

    Pictures look lovely! Tonight I am bringing home some Italian imported food from a local Sicilian restaurant. Not sure exactly what it's gonna be but I will post again when I have been there. Nothing beats my Sicilian mother's cooking though, it's something special indeed.
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    Smoked Venison Salami

    ooooh that looks completely amazing! I hope it tasted as good as it looked :P
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    Good food day

    Mexican food in the UK will never compare to that of the real thing... Just reading about it here makes me wanna go back there right now
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