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    Looking for suggestions of recipes for baked duck

    I finally found a source for whole ducks, and wish to bake one using a recipe both me and my cat can enjoy. That would mean no onions, garlic or hot peppers. Any suggestions? Links? Thanks.
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    Cookware recommendations?

    I need to buy new nonstick covered pot, kettle, and saucepan. I need 3 Qt to 6 Qt size. I'm having trouble finding anything with metal lids. Seems like since I last bought the cookware I have, everyone decided to only offer those awful glass lids, and I never buy anything with a glass lid, nor...
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    Desperately Seeking....mild banana peppers

    You are mistaken. When I lived in Ohio and Kentucky, banana peppers (fresh or pickled in jars) were readily available. As were White Castle hamburgers, those little round orange-colored waffle cheese crackers, and various other regional items I've had to do without once I moved here. Only Vlasic...
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    Desperately Seeking....mild banana peppers

    Not really... went into one the other day on a lark. Clerk didn't recognize the banana peppers photo I showed him. Did discover the poblono peppers are much cheaper there.
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    Desperately Seeking....mild banana peppers

    Well now, I been to three Safeways, one Lucky, Whole Foods, Berkeley Bowl, and Piedmont Grocery. No luck anywhere. I think you are confusing banana peppers with peperoncini, as far as the jars go. Peperoncini - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Banana pepper - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Is...
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    Desperately Seeking....mild banana peppers

    Anyone know where to buy them in the Bay Area (San Francisco, Oakland, Fremont, etc.)? Fresh or pickled.
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    What do you do with yellow sweet banana peppers.....

    Pickle them! An excellent medicinal food.
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    Need lid for T-Fal skillet

    Can anyone recommend a lid (that actually fits) for the 10inch T-Fal Signature Frying Pan - C1190 series? I need to buy one. Thanks!
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    Found this forum by doing google search for recipes. Hope to share mine here, and get new ones!
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