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    Gadget of choice for Valentine's Day?

    Hi all, Came up with another prompt to spark a conversation on gadgets. It does not necessarily have to be a gadget as a gift. What is your gadget of choice to create something lovely for your valentine? Hugo
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    Kitchen gadgets for the office?

    Happy New Year everyone! It's lovely to hear everyone's story on the picnic. I went old school with a red wine and a simple cheese board. I wonder what kind of kitchen gadget would you bring to the office? Best, Hugo
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    What tools do you bring on a picnic?

    Hi all, After learning much about knifes, seems like any knife would really do the trick. I’m considering to bring a date out on a picnic, what are the tools to bring on the trip? Obviously I’m thinking to make something with avocado, and with various fruits. I wish everyone a happy...
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    Type of knife to cut avocados safely?

    Hi all, Thanks for answering my question on avocado tools at the Cook's Tools section two weeks ago. I came to learn that there are no tools better to cut avocados than using a sharp knife. To avoid injury, what is your knife of choice to safely dissect the avocado? Thanks, Hugo
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    Best avocado tools?

    Hi all, I'm currently doing research on the best tools to dissect an avocado or any other way to enjoy them. What do you all recommend for a useful gadget or tool? And do you think it's worth it for its price? Best, Hugo
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