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    Question about condensed soup in a recipe

    Sounds good. Ever try Soy-rizo? The flavor is pretty good, but doesn't have much texture. I think I'll try this with Hatch's enchilada sauce instead of the soup, and throw in some pepper jack for the cheesy taste. THANKS!
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    Dessicated bug found in my flour

    I sympathize with OP, but it is pretty hard to remove the eggs (which hatch) from many packaged items. I remember my mom taking out some powdered sugar to make frosting and finding dried insects inside. That stuck in my memory to this day. But it isn't been a complete deal breaker when the...
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    Help me find a tool that I don't know the name of!

    This is a multi blade mezzaluna Mezzaluna Chopper-3 Blade-12 inch
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    Help me find a tool that I don't know the name of!

    Try this Choppers - Herbs - Gadgets I had an Ulu and didn't find it useful, nothing I can't do with a Chinese cleaver. Bon Appetit!
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