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  1. Bookbrat

    Garlic Scapes, what to do with them.

    My garlic looks good too, considering we had a late spring. Glad to see it...I almost lost it all (500 bulbs) the year before last because of waxy breakdown from the extreme heat we had. I salvaged enough of my favorites to keep it going, but voles got their share this winter, grrrr. Garlic...
  2. Bookbrat

    Buckled lids after pressure canning

    Buckled lids have a high failure rate. I'd drain them and freeze.
  3. Bookbrat

    Flax/Chia seed blend

    Been doing sort of a paleo diet trying to clear out yeast overgrowth so I've been experimenting with (edible) snacks to have on hand at work. I'd use that in nut and seed bars.
  4. Bookbrat

    Fruit floating up in jars, not evenly distributed

    I let my jam cool quite a bit before ladling into the jar. Stir it a few times and you'll be able to tell when the fruit stays suspended. If you waterbath your jam for 10 minutes (or 5 at sea level), it'll get plenty hot enough to get a good seal.
  5. Bookbrat

    Canning times for own recipe.

    I'm not sure how long you would pressure can your recipe, but depending on proportions, it looks plenty acidic. The rule of thumb for pickles is that at least half your liquid should be 5% strength vinegar. Lemon juice can be subbed and with the OJ and rice vinegar and no water, you're fine. I...
  6. Bookbrat

    ISO Pickled Beet recipe

    Cooking they're not too sweet. At least for us.
  7. Bookbrat

    ISO Pickled Beet recipe

    I've made these for nearly a hundred years... * Exported from MasterCook * Quick Pickled Beets Recipe By :Katie Serving Size : 0 Preparation Time :0:00 Categories : Vegies Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method...
  8. Bookbrat

    Dinner Saturday, 3-26-2016 ~ Holy Supper, Batman!

    I stuck a halibut fillet in the sous vide,then topped it with some mayo/capers/herbs then panko and broiled for a minute. Made a risotto with some dried tomatoes and pesto, and steamed asparagus. And Girl Scout cookies for dessert. ...Samoas.
  9. Bookbrat

    Best way to store pesto in the freezer?

    I've tried freezer bags and plastic freezer containers but now we do the same as S&P....freeze about 1/2" deep in tupperware freezer containers then pop them out and seal in food saver. Just found some from 2013 in the back of the freezer and used it tonight in risotto and it was great.
  10. Bookbrat

    Gummy Candies

    I made them with my Girl Scouts years ago, but I think we just used thicker jello jigglers. I'd try 2 tbsp gelatin to a cup of fruit juice. Last summer I tried zucchini gummy worms...strips of the meaty part of the zucc, 1 can 100% fruit juice concentrate and a can of water...
  11. Bookbrat

    Things I never thought I'd like

    Kimchi! I tried making it once and it was nasty. But I used plain old round garden cabbage and red pepper flakes. My sis sent us a kit for Christmas so I tried it again using Korean peppers and napa cabbage (and I know more about fermenting now). We have to store it on the back porch, but that...
  12. Bookbrat

    Hump day dinner, 12-16-2016?

    Breakfast. Biscuits and homegrown sausage gravy with an over easy egg on top.
  13. Bookbrat

    Homemade food gifts for the holidays

    Ha....not ambitious at all. It's the lazy woman's way out. A batch here and there through spring and summer and I'm done by first snow.
  14. Bookbrat

    Homemade food gifts for the holidays

    I can jams and savory sauces throughout the year, then pile them in a basket for my neighbors, staff, volunteers, the guy who plows our snow, the mailman. Everybody picks their own. Packing a box for my sis with apricot-pineapple, peach-chipotle and strawberry jams, ketchup, pickle relish and...
  15. Bookbrat

    Reports of Thanksgiving day dinner...?

    Just us, daughter, son-in-law and beautiful six week old grandgirl (!!). We went simple and mostly homegrown. On Tuesday husband salted the turkey that a friend raised for us and I threw a loaf of herb bread in the bread machine for dressing. Mashed part of our pitiful potato crop and cracked a...
  16. Bookbrat

    What's for dinner? Wednesday, 11-18-15

    I'm wishing we had a fundraiser like that about now. Power's been out for two days (windstorm) and we're hearing it will be 2-3 days before it's restored. Beans and weenies tonight. ..beef smokies and a jar of our bbq horticultural beans.
  17. Bookbrat

    Wed. 10/28/15 menu

    Salmon fillet is in the sous vide (seems to be the only way I don't overcook fish). Topped with a little mayo mixed with this great dill dip mix I get from a local dressing company, sprinkled with panko and finished under the broiler. And end-of-the-garden ratatouille... red and yellow cherry...
  18. Bookbrat

    New to Canning with questions

    I used my pressure canner for fruits 'back when' we lived in a cabin with no running water. The U of GA site includes pressure canning directions for fruits. National Center for Home Food Preservation | How Do I? Can Fruits Now I mostly water bath because I usually have more than one load. For...
  19. Bookbrat

    What's for dinner? Friday, 10-2-15

    I have a finished crock of sauerkraut so I made Grandma Hazel's sauerkraut pie. Browned burger and onions, layer of sauerkraut, topped with mashed potatoes then baked. We had a bunch of volunteer winter squash come up so we let them go. Baked an odd looking acorn-ish one for a side, along...
  20. Bookbrat

    What are you canning/preserving today?

    A tray of halved cherry tomatoes seasoned with s&p, garlic powder and oregano in the dehydrator, half-gallon jar of ruby kraut starting to ferment and a four jars of chili sauce. It's been that kind of week....
  21. Bookbrat

    Canning Hungarian Wax Peppers help?

    I make these marinated peppers with Hungarian wax peppers from the same site that GotGarlic posted. The pickled peppers are good, too. And all safe recipes. National Center for Home Food Preservation | Marinated Peppers National Center for Home Food Preservation | Pickled Peppers
  22. Bookbrat

    What's on the Table for Saturday, Sept. 19, 2015?

    Kone braid got me for a second...had to say it out loud a couple of times. But I'm from the north, lol. BLATs.
  23. Bookbrat

    Water bath or pressure cooker method

    I second dc's advice. If you're really interested the ncfhfp has a free self-paced canning course that's the same info that I got in a Master Food Preserver course. Botulism is rare, but it only took listening to an audio tape of a woman who lived through it to make me a believer. Veggies...
  24. Bookbrat

    Thanksgiving 2015 - Planning Time

    Dawg, I hear you. That's why I don't raise my own. I like my homegrown meat frozen in packages. My friend tried to introduce me to last year's TDay dinner and I declined.
  25. Bookbrat

    What's for dinner? Friday 9-11-15

    I have some leftover pork tenderloin. Thinking I'll caramelize some onions, stick them between bread slathered with honey mustard and make paninis. And gazpacho with garden vegies that need to be used. Glad to have my own cucumbers right now....
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