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  1. Keith F

    It Just Goes To Show Ya...

    Congrats to the both of you. I hope they bring you many good memories.
  2. Keith F

    It's Home!

    Congrats Bluz.. Have Fun.
  3. Keith F

    Cliff's 2009 Christmas Vacation Cooking Thread

    Lookin good. Marry Christmas
  4. Keith F

    ABTs and Fillet in the Snow

    Nice, Very Nice.
  5. Keith F

    Two Butts on the WSM

    Buzz, Them butts are lookin fine.
  6. Keith F

    Look what I found at my local Ace Hardware store!

    Ron, That is just too cool. Hope it works out for you.
  7. Keith F

    Cliff's 2009 Christmas Vacation Cooking Thread

    Sounds like a working vacation... :D .Labor of love that is. Good luck.
  8. Keith F

    Cranked It Up!

    great vid and better looking butt. Thanks for the entertainment.
  9. Keith F

    Smoked almonds.

    Yumm Yummm
  10. Keith F

    Rib-O-Lator Brisket

    Thats Cool.... Better living through Science!
  11. Keith F

    Furlough Friday Brisket

    Buzz, Good luck with the butts tomorrow. Scotty, I am just learning to cook by Feel. I have been cooking by the numbers for a lot of years. Old habits are hard to brake.
  12. Keith F

    Furlough Friday Brisket

    This is just before pulling off the smoker after the dry out Done! Notes: This is my most tender brisket to date! Cook times 3 hrs then foiled for 2 hrs. It passed the "butter" test at 200 internal. Removed foil and let dry out in smoker for 15 min. Moved to cooler and held for 2 ½ hrs...
  13. Keith F

    Help with trimming to St. Louis style

    SteelRain, Now that is a loaded question. Knifes are a very personal thing. Kind of like asking what is a good smoker....... Top End: Global, Wusthof, Kershaw, Henckels Five Star (Make sure it is the 5 star series. They are now importing cheap Chinese steel under there name), Cutco...
  14. Keith F

    Sweet-n-Sassy BBQ Almonds (pic)

    hey Daddio, You taking orders? That looks great...
  15. Keith F

    ***WSM Spare Ribs w/pics***

    Looking Good!
  16. Keith F

    My first St. Louis Spares

    Yep, Good looking ribs.
  17. Keith F

    Furlough Friday Brisket

    Todays Smoke is going to be Brisket. I have never tried the High and Fast method before. After a little poking around I think I am ready. We will know for sure around dinner time.... hehe Smoker: UDS Rub: 1 C Turbinado Sugar, 1 C Sea Salt, 1/2 C Paprika, 2 T Fresh Black Pepper, 2 T White...
  18. Keith F

    Need Advice on smokers>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Chef, I am just north of LA CA. I have a homemade offset that needs a little tender love and care. If you want it come and get it. The price it right. $$Free Ninety Free$$
  19. Keith F

    White Death

    I learned to do ribs from Greg's Rib Round Table show. 321! I use to like Wood Ranch and Chicago Ribs. But now that I learned the 321 method..... There food is now just so so. Greg, You have ruined me. I now know what good Q is and it is hard to find so I have to make it my self...
  20. Keith F

    Spare Ribs for Dinner

    Man O' Man does that look good.
  21. Keith F

    Need Advice on smokers>>>>>>>>>>>>

    I am far from an expert. I started smoking using my big Brinkmann pro dual zone grill. I would just build the fire on one side and use foil pouches. Not very efficient but once I got a taste of "Real" BBQ I was hooked. Then I was given a El Cheapo Brinkmann R2D2 water smoker. It almost killed...
  22. Keith F

    Frozen Few ? ? ?

    Sorry, I don't believe I can qualify this year. You see global warming has converged with a El Nino. (That is hot air blow'in in from the desert) This year "they" (The Man) predicts the average temps for January in So Cal will be in the 80's. I will crack a cold one for you guys. Does that count?
  23. Keith F

    Just Throwing It Out There

    You guys crack me up. I'm sit'in here laughing, then the wife looks over at me like I got a hole in my head. Now I got to try and explain the two of you to her..... Well she ant laughing.... not even smiling... Aarrrrrgggggggggg....... Guess you had to be there!
  24. Keith F

    Stuffed Chicken Breast

    Several folks have been doing stuffed pork / chicken etc. lately. So it got me thinking, how about stuffing a chicken breast with leftover pulled / chopped pork. Maybe even wrapping it in bacon. I would love to hear your ideas.
  25. Keith F

    Grilled Chicken Cordon Bleu

    Thanks for the details.
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