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  1. derailedbus

    Need ideas for leg of venison.

    My dad just gave me a whole leg of venison. I certainly don't want to waste it, but I have no idea what to do with it. It's pretty large, completely guessing, but probably about 12 pounds. He suggested thawing it out, then cutting off meat to cook, but I think since I've got no butchering...
  2. derailedbus

    Fungi Amongi

    My father is an avid outdoorsman and growing up I got to experience alot of foods that many kids did not. I actually feel now that I took much of it for granted. Now that I'm learning to cook, I would absolutely LOVE to get a duck, pheasant, squirrel or rabbit that I turned my nose up at as a...
  3. derailedbus

    Tilapia: The fish that is as bad for you as bacon

    So, bacon is bad for us? That sucks. I ate a whole pound of it on Sunday.
  4. derailedbus

    Light and Spicy Fish (for 2)...Low Fat + Exchanges

    Sounds great, but using the same ingredients and portions, does anybody have a guess on cooking times and temps in foil on a grillpan?
  5. derailedbus

    ISO a good TNT basic meatloaf recipe

    Made one tonight with ground beef, eggs, oatmeal, onions, celery, jalapenos, minced garlic, and a garlic-herb spice mix (that had orange-peel in it), slathered it with BBQ sauce for the last 20 minutes, and it turned out fantastic! Forgot to add some Worchestshire (I give up on the spelling)...
  6. derailedbus

    Brussels sprouts

    I want everyone to hate 'em, so maybe they won't cost so much. They're like $3.99/lb right now!
  7. derailedbus

    Italian Flag Casserole

    Wow! That looks amazing, and simple enough that I might not mess it up.
  8. derailedbus

    Marinade for london broil? Any ideas?

    I broiled it and it turned out incredible! Had a nice crust, the inside was rare, and was a great combo of flavors from the marinade.
  9. derailedbus

    New from Ohio.

    Don't laugh, both the chainsaw and the Harley reside in my kitchen! Merlot, I grew up in northern Ohio farm country. The ponds were a safety measure for barn or house fires in the country, as plentiful as the hydrants in the city.
  10. derailedbus

    New from Ohio.

    I won't even try to defend the Ohio drivers, Merlot. They're part of the reason that I rarely even leave my own place anymore.
  11. derailedbus

    London Broil, how to?

    Just finished my second attempt at London Broil with help from the forum. Turned out fantastic! I did a sweet/spicy marinade that I had found from searching the forum, broiled it to medium rare, and sliced it thinly against the grain. Could have been served a number of ways, but I just ate it...
  12. derailedbus

    New from Ohio.

    Hi all! I've been lurking for a bit and found this forum extremely informative for my newfound passion for cooking. Im a 36 y/o bachelor, and for most of my life have been living off fast food or gifted girlfriends. Since I've sworn off of the latter for awhile, and since I've always been one...
  13. derailedbus

    Chili too Sweet - What to do

    I'm certainly not as seasoned as most of the members here, but I've been perfecting a mean chili recipe (which is always changing). A few times I've added a little brown sugar, but even then it made it a touch too sweet. In mine, the tomatoes and a can of corn add more than enough sweetness...
  14. derailedbus

    ISO a good TNT basic meatloaf recipe

    I like this thread! I'm new to this, but experimenting with meatloaf quite a bit. Most have turned out, but one with jalapenos, cheddar, and way too much cumin was not edible. I have learned that I like the oatmeal, but still looking for the right ratios of other ingredients to actually make...
  15. derailedbus

    Marinade for london broil? Any ideas?

    So, mine is marinating overnight in Grillin'Fool's sweet and spicy marinade. Question #1, for a novice should I try grilling on a grill-pan or broiling, which I've never done? #2, To broil, do I need a broiler pan, or can I do it in a cast skillet on top rack? I'm new at this.
  16. derailedbus

    Fish Sauce

    I'd like to know some other recipes that it can be used in. I'm fairly new to food experimentation, and really new to cooking, but I've jumped in without a life-jacket. I was recently at an Asian supermarket (a genuine one, where everyone was staring at me like I was an Ogre). Maybe I kinda...
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