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  1. Justaguy

    It's a Chicken kind of night

    I got one of those trays too, comes in pretty handy.
  2. Justaguy

    Saturday Night Jambalaya

    Looks good! I've been tempted by that blue moon agave stuff lately, is it any good?
  3. Justaguy

    Fire pit

    I been thinking about buying a fire pit for awhile and I saw this at home depot today. Seems well put together, anybody have one?
  4. Justaguy

    Holy marbling

    This is on my to do list very soon. Although is I was lucky enough to find a steak that well marbled I wouldn't put it in a sandwich. ... AAAAAAABAA
  5. Justaguy

    Is there an HVAC professional in the house?

    JB's always on youtube, just send him a msg there and he can help you out.
  6. Justaguy

    Need advice with barbecue for large group

    I see some really sad looking tri-tips around here every once in a while, still looking for a good one to pop my tri tip cherry.
  7. Justaguy

    Rib Roast

    Is that tators mixed with the brussel sprouts? Looks good either way.
  8. Justaguy

    What is that one thing

    My grandpa made the best chicken and dumplings in history, and my grandma made some awesome bread and butter pickles. I never got the recipes but now I have a standard that nothing can live up to.
  9. Justaguy

    Green tomato relish

    My inlaws want my input/help making a batch of this stuff, anyone got a good recipe?
  10. Justaguy

    I Just Don't Get It!

    The smokey joe silver is better than the gold, but they are both far better than a brinkman.
  11. Justaguy

    Need a new smoker

    Nice choice, that's a hell of a signature by the way.
  12. Justaguy

    Cast Iron Steak sammich

    Looks tasty, nice pics btw
  13. Justaguy

    Top Round and Veggies

    Nothing like sliced beef with horseradish, Good Job.
  14. Justaguy

    Friday is Rib day

    Without beer how do you know when to flip burgers, steaks, foil butts ect...?
  15. Justaguy

    Chicken Burgers with Garlic-Rosemary Mayonnaise

    I watch her show but I can't say it's for the recipes. :D
  16. Justaguy

    tonight's dinner

    Turkey bacon? :shock: :shock:
  17. Justaguy

    Cheater Pulled Pork and Philly Cheese Steak Pitas

    Those pitas look great!!
  18. Justaguy

    Shopping for a Gasser

  19. Justaguy

    McWolfe Griddles

    I could definitely hammer a few down every morning.
  20. Justaguy

    Charcoal starter

    What they said, I had a cheaper WalMart one and my weber chimney holds more.
  21. Justaguy

    Another Red meat Post

    Re: Anothe Red meat Post Looks great!!
  22. Justaguy

    Relative of yours Greg?
  23. Justaguy


    Looks mighty good. I love that quinoa.
  24. Justaguy

    BBQ pasta salad

    I want to make a pasta salad with a bit of Q influence for a party I've been invited to this weekend. I'd like it to be as strictly side dish as I can get it maybe just bacon or something as far as meat. I tried to search in the recipe section but that useless, just a bunch of daddiQUe crap...
  25. Justaguy

    Re: Winning (pic added)

    Recently I've been plugging my laptop into my tv. I have a LG flatscreen and if I run my Laptop to it through the HDMI jack it's just a 32 inch computer screen, crystal clear.
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