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    How long do you keep your leftovers in the refrigerator?

    For me it depends on what it is, some things keep longer than others. Fish and poultry leftovers 48 hours, then dog food. Vegetables with sauce and fruit already cut 4 days, then compost it, vegetables no sauce and uncut fruit (like berries) a week, then they go. Some non dairy, fat free sauces...
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    What's the best way to store produce?

    Really depends on the produce. Root vegetables (carrots, beets, parsnip, turnip, etc....) Large plastic box with a tight lid filled with about 4 inches of play sand that has been baked at 450 degrees for an hour to kill unwanted bacteria. (bake it once a month) burry root vegetables in the sand...
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    Best blade for chopping onions?

    A good quality Chef's Knife that feels balanced and, fits your hand well is the best chopping knife. I personally do like the Santoku Chef's Knife but, Chicago Cutlery makes nice ones that I use a lot too. (I have several because they are versatile knifes and, I use them for multiple things.)
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    Rullepølse - Danish spiced meat roll

    Ah now I see the problem, it is lack of fat. You can use fat trimmed form other cuts of pork, uncured, unsalted fat back, caul fat or suet to add a good layer of fat where that bit in pic 12 lands, just need more of it. My personal choice is 2 layers of caul fat as that nearly disappears in...
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    Thoughts on Foraging

    I love foraging around here, berries, apples, muscadines, mushrooms, pears, cherries, purslane, poke weed (not recommended unless you are 1000% sure you know how to make Poke Sallit - it is very toxic raw.) I can also find kudzu taters, wild rose hips, wild persimmons (very sour but good for...
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    Saving homemade dough, advice?

    You could have portioned the dough and then froze them on a baking sheet, then stored them in a zipper bag. Just thaw before using and, let them proof. I do this with all of the yeast doughs I make and, even store my dry yeast in the freezer since I buy it in bulk (5 lbs at a time.) Yeast goes...
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    Favorite store-bought condiment?

    If I had to choose one - balsamic vinegar. Fish, salad dressing, green beans, spinach, sauce for fruit.... I use it a lot.
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    Rullepølse - Danish spiced meat roll

    How long are you leaving it under pressure? Maybe less time would help. I've seen everything from 8 to 24 hours suggested.
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    What was your favorite childhood breakfast cereal?

    I like d King Vitamin of the choices we were allowed as kids. The other options were Wheatabix, Shredded Wheat, All Bran, oatmeal, corn meal mush. We were not allowed any cereal that was not whole grain and free of sugar. All came with soy milk and half a grapefruit which we had to eat. Soy...
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    Breading your vegetables or hands

    I do the wet hand - Dry hand technique when I bread anything and, being a southern girl, that's fairly often. We do love our breaded and deep fried food down here. If you aren't sure how to cook it, bread it and fry it, it can't be totally bad that way. :P
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    Canning this year?

    Snapping green beans, shelling peas or other beans all equally tedious, boring work that makes you feel great when it's over. :)
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    Boxed Cake Mix Add-ons

    The reason I use boxed cake mix is to avoid driving 35 mile ONE WAY to a larger town to get cake flour - they don't carry it at the little grocery store in the small town closest to my home so, the only way to get cake flour there is in a cake mix and, that comes in Angel Food, Yellow or, Devils...
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    Avocado Substitute in Tacos

    I would make a Pico de Gallo (fresh, raw salsa) with a bit of extra lime juice and, just leave the avocado out if I didn't like avocado.
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    Homogenized vs Whole Milk

    Here, if it's in a store and, sold for human consumption, it's homogenized, regardless of fat content. Non homogenized is called RAW or BATH milk and, is not sold for human consumption at all, it is not pasteurized either. Again, it can be of any fat content. Obviously, I drink whole...
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    What do you snack on, on the way home from grocery shopping?

    I usually grab an everything roll or egg rolls out of the deli at my market for the 17 mile ride home, and a bottle of sweet tea to drink.
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    Pickled red cabbage recipe for fish tacos?

    I wouldn't want canned cabbage on fish tacos. It would be soft after canning and, the cabbage is the crunch for fish tacos. I like my taco cabbage freshly shredded, tossed with a lemon vinaigrette and chopped cilantro leaves. To can it would make mush of the cabbage, more like sauerkraut and, if...
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    Veggie/Sauce/Pasta Combinations

    With either the rose` or vodka sauce try this: Use either spaghetti squash, roasted and pulled into strands or, zucchini cut into "noodle" for the pasta. Half about 8 oz. of cherry or grape tomatoes, lightly brush them with olive oil, season with salt, pepper and, garlic - bake them under the...
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    Please help me decode this 1800s recipe!

    Here is the only one I could find calling for bread crumbs rather than flour. I'm sure this is very close, if not that exact recipe. The Old Manor House Traditional Victorian Christmas Pudding Recipe -
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    Re-dehydrating bacon - how can I do that?

    I would use the dehydrated bacon to season things you boil for a long time. Dry beans, collard greens, etc... or, use it in canning green beans or stewed tomatoes. Any of those will rehydrate it and, give the smoky flavor time to be extracted.
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    Boxed Cake Mix Add-ons

    I do add an extra egg and use milk instead of water for boxed cake mixes but, two replacements is all I would do. I also add things like dried fruit, chopped nuts, chocolate chips, a couple of tsps. of an extract to give a white or yellow cake a flavor to compliment my add ins. (mint extract...
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    Skip the catsup and tomato sauce, add it as a side sauce or glaze if you want. Use leaner meat, less bread crumbs and, add in small diced onions or bell peppers. You may want to ask DH if he would prefer you make a brown gravy with it rather than a tomato based sauce for it. Bread holds fats...
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    Canning Chili

    I can chili with beans as needed. Of course pints as mine is rich with beans. The thing is, it will get very thick, like condensed soup thick and, will need water, or tomato sauce added when you warm it up to eat later. I use venison for the meat if I am canning it, ultra lean, no fat to worry...
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    Canning this year?

    I am the unofficial food bank for my road - a few families living in a very rural location. Some are disabled and, things happen, like the wage earner needing surgery, a divorce, death of the wage earner, etc... Everyone out here knows to come to me for food. It may not be what you want, but at...
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    Boiling an Egg

    Actually a green ring is an overcooked egg. There is iron in the yolk and, hydrogen sulfide in the white. As any chemist will tell you, combine those two, you get iron sulfide and, it is a green/gray color. Heat allows them to combine - too much heat for too long and, you've got a little...
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    Boiling an Egg

    I love coddled eggs. The way I do it is take the eggs I want to coddle out of the refrigerator the night before and leave them in a dish on the counter. In the morning, I brush olive oil inside my coddlers for however many eggs I'm cooking. I bring a 3 quart pan of water to a rolling boil...
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