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  1. GinnyPNW

    Thank you to our Veterans!

    Thank you, Veterans! Your service is much appreciated!
  2. GinnyPNW

    PM vs Conversation

    What's the difference? I started what I thought would be a PM, but at the bottom it says something about "allow anyone" to join the conversation?
  3. GinnyPNW

    Signature Font Size

    For some reason, I can't seem to find a way to make the font larger in my Signature. I highlight the text (just like I do for color and bold, etc) and then hit the re-sizer, it looks like it has changed, but when I check a post, if remains the same, small 10 pt size. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. GinnyPNW

    Happy Birthday Chief

    Happy Birthday @Chief Longwind Of The North! Hope your day is a great one. Go do something fun and tell us all about it!
  5. GinnyPNW

    (Semi)-Official Pole - Help: Flowers...what to do?

    So, we're invited over to a neighbors' house tonight to watch the election results come in. Another friend is running for County Sherrif, and we'll be there to support him during this Primary election. I offered to help or bring something, but they've got it covered. I thought, well, I'll...
  6. GinnyPNW

    Looking for input - Stromboli

    I've never made a Stromboli, but they look so good! I'm hoping from input from those that have made them, recipes, ideas, etc. Thanks in advance!
  7. GinnyPNW

    Help with Eggplant Parmigiana

    Sorry if I've chosen the wrong place to post...please move if needed. I need help! Eggplant is not my thing, but it is a favorite of DH. DH might be released from the hospital tomorrow. He has been making very poor choices from the hospital menu. But, given the menu they gave him, it isn't...
  8. GinnyPNW

    Voodoo Kettle Chips

    We tried these today. Not bad at all. A little crunchy like most kettle chips, but not overly so. A little heat, nice.
  9. GinnyPNW

    What to do with Strip Loin Roast

    I picked up a 12 pound beef Strip Loin roast yesterday. My plan is to cut it down to 3 four pound roasts. I'm planning to roast one this evening. Looking for suggestions for how to use any or all of the beef. Thanks in advance!
  10. GinnyPNW

    Cute Crackers

    Earlier this year, I was looking for a recipe to use up some roast turkey left-overs and I came across a recipe for Turkey Pot Pie Soup. Turns out there are a lot of "pot pie" soup recipes and many suggest making crackers from pie crust. I took that suggestion and used some Corgi Shaped Cookie...
  11. GinnyPNW

    Easy Bake Oven "Kit"

    Last night we attended a local event. It was held at the church, although not a church event. It was a hoot. Part of the entertainment was a "Mystery Dinner Theatre" show performed by amateurs, including some friends and neighbors. Who knew we had such talent!? Should have taken some...
  12. GinnyPNW

    Herbs, Herbs, Herbs

    I'm ending a few of my hydroponic herbs and drying them in the Excalibur. Today I'm doing a Marseillie Basil. Yesterday, I did the Dill plant...
  13. GinnyPNW

    Seeds Need A Good Home

    I hope this isn't breaking any rules!! I have a few packets & pods of seeds that need a good home. I'm not going to use them, so I would like to send them -- no charge -- to someone that will use them. Three of the packets were freebies that came with a purchase from Baker Seeds. One, I...
  14. GinnyPNW

    Air Fryer Lid for PC

    Zavor sent an email today saying their Air Fryer Lid for the Pressure Cooker is now available. I've not purchased an Air Fryer, as I just didn't want one more appliance to find room to store. Does anyone use an Air Fryer lid to convert another appliance into an Air Fryer? If so, will you...
  15. GinnyPNW

    Home Pizza Oven

    If you've been considering a home pizza oven from Ooni, you might be interested to hear that they are raising prices on most of them, 10/1/21. I love my Oooni!!!
  16. GinnyPNW

    The Proper Potato

    For many years, I've been of the mind that one should use the proper potato for any given dish. I've always used Russets for baking, waxy (white, gold or red skins) for potato salad, and so on. Until recently. We had friends over for a BBQ and they brought their homemade potato salad. It was...
  17. GinnyPNW

    Sleep Jogging Pants

    I got an email this morning touting a sale on "Sleep Jogging Pants"...I've heard of sleep walking...I think if you are a Sleep Jogger, you've got bigger problems than what you are wearing!? :ohmy:
  18. GinnyPNW

    Where do you find cooking inspiration?

    Just wondering where you find inspiration or ideas for meals and dishes to make? I saw a sign once, "Who knew that one of the toughest parts of growing up would be deciding what to have for dinner every night!" One of the reasons I joined DC...I'm guessing I'm not alone in that! I find...
  19. GinnyPNW

    Crock Pot Baked Potatoes?

    Please forgive if I'm posting this in the wrong section! I looked around... Anyway, has anybody made Baked Potatoes in their Crock Pot? I'm asking because we are RV Campers, about 7-10 days out of the month (in good times) and having a good alternative method of cooking baked potatoes could...
  20. GinnyPNW

    Small Space &/or Indoor Gardens

    I like to garden, but I'm past the large outdoor gardens that I used to do. In So Cal, I had fruit trees, lemon, lime, tangelo, fig, avocado and an apple tree with 5 kinds of apples. We grew herbs, tomatoes, squish (my word for multiple kinds of squash), cucumbers, peppers...well, you get the...
  21. GinnyPNW

    Hello from the PNW

    Hello DiscussCooking folks! I'm Ginny and I love cooking and finding new and wonderful recipes and ways to cook. While I'm nearing retirement age, I've been cooking for a long, long time! You see, neither of my parents was much into cooking. Mom said she never learned, since her mother...
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