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    How to spice up rice to give it some taste

    This is my favorite way to cook rice. Sometimes I use different broths. Especially if I have homemade broth from a beef roast or a turkey. I just discovered baking brown rice! I think i saw Alton Brown use this technique. My brown rice never got as soft as I liked by cooking on stove top...
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    Hope this link works and is ok to post. I used to make this all the time when my kids were small. You can be as creative as you like. I have seen it served in clean buckets with gravestone candies and gummie worms.
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    ISO good breakfast sausage recipe

    Thanks. That sounds interesting. Will give it a try.
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    Good Journey Chief Longwind

    I haven’t been in this forum too long, but your dad sure did pass along a lot of good knowledge and recipes. So sorry for you loss. Hopefully you can find a little peace knowing he was very much loved by many people in this group. RIP
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    ISO good breakfast sausage recipe

    So I kinda used a combination or your recipe and chef longwind’s. I just added the brown sugar to your recipe. We really liked the slight sweetness it added. Thanks again!
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    ISO good breakfast sausage recipe

    Thanks. I will let you know. Sounds yummy!
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    ISO good breakfast sausage recipe

  8. K

    ISO good breakfast sausage recipe

    Thank you! This is going to be fun to try these different combinations!
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    ISO good breakfast sausage recipe

    I would love your recipes if possible. I am going to experiment one pound at a time. I am excited to try all these different flavors.
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    ISO good breakfast sausage recipe

    Aunt Bea, Thanks. I had the same idea about doing a pound at a time. Love the Irish banger idea. Andy Thanks for the link. That looks like a flavor profile I would like
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    Hurricane Ian

    Prayers for your family! Hope everything works out.
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    ISO good breakfast sausage recipe

    Our local store has both pork picnics and pork butts on sale for a really good price, so I think I want to try and make my our sausage. I know I like sage in my sausage. Other than that I have no idea what makes a good sausage. Lots of different variations online. Would love to hear from...
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    Hurricane Ian

    We live on our boat. We were in Myrtle Beach when it came ashore in SC. Thankfully it was down graded to a cat 1 when it hit us. Still no fun, but we made it safe and with very minor damage. My heart breaks for all the people in Florida. Both the east coast and west coast had damage. We know...
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    Sunday's Dinner - 9/25

    OMG! John cope’s corn! I have not had that since I was a kid. Thanks for the memory. Now I must go on a search to find it!
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    Joy of pets

    Even on the worst of days, I can count on my little toy poodle to make me smile.
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    An Unusual Blueberry Pie

    That pie looks so good! It looks better than the traditional pie shape. I love the crust. I love the idea of blueberry/ rhubarb! I am not much of a baker, but that might make me give it a try. Please let us know if if make the blueberry/ rhubarb combo!
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    Portobello Caps

    That is pretty much what I have always done. As an experiment, last night i removed the gills before grilling. I won’t be doing that again. I think the gills give the mushrooms more flavor and you are correct about them holding the fat. Thanks
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    Portobello Caps

    I like the minced veggie idea. I am going to try that.
  19. K

    Portobello Caps

    Thanks for the replies. Good information. Glad to know I wasn’t eating something I should not have been. lol
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    Portobello Caps

    We love roasting portobello mushroom caps. I have always done them pretty simply just using evoo and salt and pepper. Sometimes I will brush them with A-1 steak sauce. Anyway, I was surfing the web looking for different recipes. What I discovered was most recipe instructions called for...
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    Does long-grain brown rice take longer to cook than round brown rice?

    I have never used long grain brown rice, but this is my favorite method for cooking brown rice. I just discovered baking brown rice! I think i saw Alton Brown use this technique. My brown rice never got as soft as I liked by cooking on stove top. Here is my new method. I sauté 1 medium...
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    What to do with corn tortillas

    I totally agree! My hubby got the corn by mistake one time. We made tacos with them and hated them. But, go figure we like corn for chips!
  23. K do you like them?

    Now that’s a great idea! I have never made them, but I have been to several restaurants that make smoked wings. They are really good, even without any sauce. I never had Gochujang bbq sauce. I had to google it. It’s sounds yummy. A little sweet heat is how google describes the sauce.
  24. K do you like them?

    I will have to try the baking powder. I would prefer to bake them, but I have never been able to get the crispy we like. I use baking powder on my oven baked sweet potatoes, but never thought of using it on wings. Thanks for the idea!
  25. K do you like them?

    I haven’t made wings in a long time, mainly due to price. I can buy B/S chicken breast for less than wings. When I do make wings it’s always deep fried. I like the flats and hubby likes the drumetts. So that works out great. Always Jumbo, I hate a skinny wing. lol As far as flavors, I love...
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