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    Another Gingerbread cookie question

    Do you put raisins or cinnamon red hots on the cut out cookies before baking or attach them to the baked cookies with icing? Do you outline the whole cookie with a white line? Any other great ideas for decorating them? What do you think is the most traditional?
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    Turkey broth safety question

    We had our dinner Wednesday, and Wednesday night I made broth from the carcass. I had some things come up and didn't use it. It's been strained and refrigerated....this is the 5th day. Everything I read online says broths are only good 2 days. Do you all follow that advice? I usually am...
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    Help: I used too much rosemary

    baking chicken breasts. I have some of the broth and a breast leftover I'd like to make something with tonight. I figured I would add rice and vegetables. Any idea how to correct the seasoning? It doesn't taste bad, just too much rosemary for for my taste.
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    Frosting for a Dinosaur cake, help needed.

    I am making my daughter a dinosaur cake for her birthday Saturday. The cake will be made from cut up pieces of angel food cake sitting on top of a sheet cake. So the pieces need to stick together, but hopefully be smooth on the outside. Also, it has to travel well. (about 10 miles) I thought I...
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    If you like different varieties of apples,

    you may like this article: The UI apple lab may be last for some years
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    Reheating portabello mushroom?

    I have a grilled whole portabello mushroom that I want to reheat and serve topped with a ground turkey burger. Leftover from last night. Can I just microwave each piece seperately for a short time, or is there a better way?
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    ISO recipes for leftover ham, esp. with vegetables

    I have fresh asparagus, green beans, potatoes and carrots on hand. But any great ideas appreciated!
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    Funny, esp. if you like PEEPS

    Peep Surgery Be sure to click on the Phase links. :lol:
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    How to cook squash?

    My daughter picked out a little yellow squash at the grocery and I've never cooked one before. Any good ideas? I'm making meatloaf tonight. I also have some carrots, green beans and mushrooms.
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    Super Bowl party dessert?

    I want to take something special because I'm known for my baking...what is appropriate, do you think?
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    Sour Milk ?

    I have a recipe that calls for sour milk or buttermilk. In the past I have soured milk with lemon juice. I actually have some real sour milk (dated August 19) Can I use that? It is a cookie recipe BTW.
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    I need a new electric skillet

    What kind do you have and what do you like or dislike about it? I've worn out about 3 in the last 25 years. (Between the non stick finish getting bad or the plastic legs breaking) I use it for everything, from frying eggs to making stir fry or creamed chipped beef.
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