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    ISO good breakfast sausage recipe

    Our local store has both pork picnics and pork butts on sale for a really good price, so I think I want to try and make my our sausage. I know I like sage in my sausage. Other than that I have no idea what makes a good sausage. Lots of different variations online. Would love to hear from...
  2. K

    Portobello Caps

    We love roasting portobello mushroom caps. I have always done them pretty simply just using evoo and salt and pepper. Sometimes I will brush them with A-1 steak sauce. Anyway, I was surfing the web looking for different recipes. What I discovered was most recipe instructions called for...
  3. K

    Using pork rinds for breading

    Has anyone used pork rinds for breading instead of bread crumbs? Looking for opinions. Sounds interesting to me. Might add a different flavor.
  4. K

    Baking brown rice

    I just discovered baking brown rice! I think i saw Alton Brown use this technique. My brown rice never got as soft as I liked by cooking on stove top. Here is my new method. I sauté 1 medium onion, I orange pepper ( or yellow or red) And 8 oz baby Bellas in olive oil with s&p and crushed red...
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    I just recently rediscovered Aldi’s. Many years ago they had the reputation of having below average items. It seems things have changed. Just started shopping in the local store. Their produce is much cheaper than the other chains and better than most. I found a 12 grain bread that I love for...
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