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  1. Harry Cobean

    Musical Monday! Dinner 12/30/2013.

    why musical monday?i hear you ask.well ask,you may.this is how the day unfolded.i'm in tesco(is there anywhere else?)& i was perusing what frank the fish had on offer."put that away,'s fish i'm after:ermm:". "ok then,'arry" says frank "have you ever seen anything as beautiful as...
  2. Harry Cobean

    Dr. Harry's chrimbo cure all!!

    roll up!roll up!noticed a few members suffering from aches,pains & upset tums etc,recently,so here's dr harry's chrimbo cure all,guaranteed to work or your money back,ladies & gents:rolleyes:!! i absolutely avoid pills,potions & tablets like the plague,always preferring to find a natural,herbal...
  3. Harry Cobean

    Wok'cha fryin', Brian? Dinner 12/23/13.

    give us a break,it nearly rhymes!!tiring & thought provoking day at the food bank today.too knackered for me usual ramblings & torturous tale telling...yeah yeah yeah,i know..that's a bleedin' relief:rolleyes:!! not too tired to cook tho',so let's "wok & woll"...sheesh,even i think that was...
  4. Harry Cobean

    Wot's in't pan, Stan? Dinner 12/22/13.

    KIPPERS!not yer wishy washy,mamby pamby,pale & flaccid,vac packed boil in the bag artificially flavoured,coloured & smoked tasteless excuses for kippers that have no more right to exist on god's clean earth than a siree.nor your much vaunted but totally over-rated manx...
  5. Harry Cobean

    Wot's under th'lid, Sid? Dinner 12/21/13.

    gather round me buckaroo's,i have a tale for thee,ah haaa:ermm:!well it does have a kind of seafaring theme to it.reading & replying to a thread about tracking down a portuguese earthenware pot,reminded me of when i had a holiday home in carvoeiro,on the reminded me of many...
  6. Harry Cobean

    Wot's on't hob Bob? Dinner 12/19/13

    out with me mates tonight,so something quick & easy.bloody 'ell that's a relief i here y'all sigh.undeterred i shall continue.back in november i bought a few packs of marks & spencers mussels & clams that were on yellow label,'cos they were on their "use by date".said not suitable for...
  7. Harry Cobean

    Harry's Chinese ribs

    as i said when i cooked & posted this on tuesday's dinner thread,"ever been to a chinese resto/takeaway,had great ribs & wondered how they get that flavour?"well,this receep nails it.guaranteed!a taste of the exotic east,at home & bloody easy to make too!saw the basic recipe on t'interweb a...
  8. Harry Cobean

    Christmas mulled/spiced wine

    i have a sneaking suspicion that loads of peeps are going to say"nuthin' new about that,been doin' that for years!"well,i only found out about it recently so,just in case,here goes. i love christmas.always have,always all the christmassy grub,the drinks & the christmassy aromas...
  9. Harry Cobean

    Wok Wednesday! Dinner 12/18/13?

    right you lot,i'll keep this one short & sweet,as the vicar said to the actress:ermm:!going out tonight so ate a bit on the heels of last night's gigantic ribs i still had a taste for chinese,but something a bit lighter.had some nice chipirones,little neck clams & prawns in the...
  10. Harry Cobean

    Frivolous Friday!! Dinner 11/22/13

    soooo,fellow gastronauts,addie,tax & i were having a chin wag the other morning & extolling the virtues & delights of smoked herrings,haddock,mackerel & all things fishy.somewhere in all of that,my smoked mackerel dauphinoise entered said conversation...
  11. Harry Cobean

    Wot's in't belly, Nelly? Dinner 11/21/13

    cut straight to the chase on this one,"thank gawd" i hear you sigh.getting on with it 'cos there's lots of piccies to upload/look at,"knew there was a bloody catch" i hear you groan.oh well,slow braised ox cheek ragu in a tomato,roasted red pepper,chianti & anchovy stuffed olive sauce with "home...
  12. Harry Cobean

    Wot's in't pot, Dot? Dinner 11/20/13

    tesco had some fab outdoor reared pork chops on half price sale,£3.50/$5.25kilo,£1.60/$2.40lb...bargain!!guess what's filling my freezer?...even had to evict mr yamamoto to make room:ermm:...oh well:rolleyes: grilled poke chops,mashed spuds,steamed curly kale with garlic butter & a right royal...
  13. Harry Cobean

    Harry's pork rib tikka

    so,by popular demand...well,taxlady asked for the receep to be precise:rolleyes:! my meaty pork rib tikka.the marinade works equally well with chicken,lamb,fish & seafood.not tried it with beef,but can't see any reason why not.for all meats it is important to marinade for at least 24hrs.i...
  14. Harry Cobean

    Sobering thought dinner 29/10/2013

    just got back from my shift at the local food bank.a sobering thought that in this great nation of ours we need them & worse still to have WORKING BRITS using them.some of the people in the queue were former clients of mine who hung their heads in needless embarrassment when they saw me.shame on...
  15. Harry Cobean

    Whatcha' make, Jake? Dinner 26/10/2013

    early one today 'cos i'm going out in an hour or two.couldn't make me mind up....meat?,fish?,meat?..soddit have both...28 day dry aged welsh(of course!)ribeye,seafood skewers,carlingford potato & baby avocado salad & piccolo cherry tomato/greek basil salad.californian zinfandel smoother...
  16. Harry Cobean

    Wot's in the wok, doc? Dinner 10/23/2013.

    not a bad day today,bright & sunny but a biting wind that went through you like a knife through butter...ah hahhhh oi thinks it be an easterly capt'n:ermm:any way,whilst we be on a nautical theme pie.a dish that jumps off the plate & gives you a hug,then pats you on the head &...
  17. Harry Cobean

    What's in the pot, Dot? Dinner 21/10/2013

    gather round fellow gastronauts,tonights offering is seafood & butter bean tagine.hake from cornwall,langoustine from scotland,mussels from wales & butter beans from tesco!! muscadet colder than a witches teat:ermm:!!
  18. Harry Cobean

    What's on't plate, mate? Dinner 20/10/13

    fish,chips & mushy's "peanut butter pumpkin" for pudding(one of my guilty pleasures:yum:)got a couple of nice haddock loins double dipped in cornmeal/buttermilk then deep fried,crinkle cut chips & harry ramsden's of the gods,hurrah!!
  19. Harry Cobean

    Harry's buccatini with prawns

    by popular demand fellow gastronauts....well pacanis asked me for the receep,cooked it & said it was pretty good,so that's good enough for me.if you don't like it blame pac!! BUCCATINI WITH PRAWNS,CHERRY TOMATOES,PANCETTA,GARLIC & CHILLI okey schmokey so:per person a)100-125g/4-5oz buccatini(my...
  20. Harry Cobean

    What's on the hob Bob, dinner 10/17/13?

    sooooo,frank the fish....sounds like something from the soprano's (r.i.p james gandolfini,huge talent sadly missed)"hey,dis is my cousin..frankie,frankie de' fish...),anyway,where was i?oh yes in tesco with my friend & fishmonger frank who had some super fresh swordfish steaks on i...
  21. Harry Cobean

    Harry's empapelado de mariscos

    i saw this cooked by a mexican street food seller on a food network episode of "mexican food made easy" with thomasina miers.i've adjusted the recipe a bit by leaving out the "stringy" cheese,butter & using raw rather than precooked nothing like the original really:wacko:!they...
  22. Harry Cobean

    Harry's lamb kebabs in onion water

    i saw steven raichlen cook a similar dish,"persian kebabs"on primal grill.i was chatting to an iranian friend of mine who has a couple of ethnic food shops & charcoal grill places,just up the road,in bolton & mentioned it to him.he gave me this recipe. HARRY'S TIP: save the pulp from the...
  23. Harry Cobean

    Harry's chicken satay with lettuce leaves

    this one is soooooo easy to make & only has a few ingredients.i saw steven raichlen(aka ned flanders!)cook this one on primal grill....i do like that guy..a great cook who explodes the myths/mystique around bbq...well i think so anyway!!so,i thinks to meself,harry(that's not me real name by the...
  24. Harry Cobean

    Harry's Thai Yellow Curry Surf n' Turf

    i love the combination of meat & seafood whether it be chicken & prawns in a curry,pork & clams in a portuguese cataplana or ribeye & prawns on the grill/ my fellow gastronauts this is my version of thai yellow curry with skinless/boneless chicken thighs(i rarely cook with breast...dry...
  25. Harry Cobean

    Harry's Mussels & Chorizo with Peppers

    ok fellow gastronauts,this one is heavy on flavour,light on ingredients,quick & very easy to cook.i made it the day after i had cooked a paella,out of left over ingredients.made it up as i went along!!i know not everyone likes/can easily get hold of fresh mussels so why not make it with sliced...
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