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  1. mcnerd

    Food dehydrator questions

    To officially teach others home canning and preserving you need to become was is known as a 'Master Canner' or 'Master Preserver', from years of study and on-hands experience. You can start the journey by acquiring a current copy of Ball's Guide to Preserving. A simple book available...
  2. mcnerd

    Food dehydrator questions

    Nah, it exists all over the Internet already which is how I stumbled on it (and frustration with doctors and their remedies). It also pays to be a good gardener too.
  3. mcnerd

    Food dehydrator questions

    I haven't done any further home canning since I still have a goodly supply going back to 2007 (still good) since it's only me in the household now and people don't want to hear the 'rules' anymore so I seldom post. Life goes on. Working on making herbal remedies now. Tomorrow I have to buy a...
  4. mcnerd

    Food dehydrator questions

    go to to view your product manual information - Nesco
  5. mcnerd

    Ball pickle spices

    I have and like it, but its all relative to one's own taste. Best to try it and decide yourself. "Pickle Crisp" is Calcium Chloride and is the best product to help pickles keep some of the crispness when canned. I much prefer the fresh crispness of Refrigerator Pickles.
  6. mcnerd

    ISO Help With Pork Jerky

    Freezing/Refrigeration only slows down bacteria growth which resumes where it left off as soon as the food warms. The jerky needs to reach a temperature of 160 deg F. or more in order to kill. If the dehydrator cannot reach this temperature then finish the process in an oven at its lowest...
  7. mcnerd

    What is your weather like right now?

    I've got it really bad here in Southern California with temperatures dropping to 84°F. I may have to put on a shirt while working in the garden. <don't hit me>
  8. mcnerd

    Fresh Horseradish Making Question

    Horseradish Servings: 20 Yield: 1.25 cups 1 cup cubed peeled horseradish root (1/2-inch pieces), cubed peeled (1/2-inch pieces) 3/4 cup vinegar 2 tsp sugar 1/4 tsp salt 1. Combine all ingredients in a food processor or blender; process until pureed. Carefully remove cover of processor or...
  9. mcnerd

    Looking for Preferred Pickling Techniques

    Assuming you are not concerned about the yeasts, molds and bacteria that may cause the product to spoil or inactivating enzymes that could affect color, flavor and texture of the pickled product, then I guess you could do just about anything you want, though I would recommend refrigerating...
  10. mcnerd

    Pickled Eggs

    Just always refrigerate ANY pickled egg recipe and, if the eggs are not placed in a sterilized jar with a boiled brine, keep the storage times short since you are dealing with a potentially contaminated brine solution to which is being diluted with a low-acid food.
  11. mcnerd

    Pickled Eggs

    I've never used sugar but many recipes do call for it to cut the harshness of the vinegar. The eggs will absorb the flavor of the 'brine' they are stored in. Adjust to meet your tastebuds. I'm not sure about artificial sweeteners which could taste different in a strong acid solution. The...
  12. mcnerd

    Fresh herb gardening

    Botulism: Think Outside the Jar
  13. mcnerd


    You could but I would recommend Napa since it is a more delicate flavored cabbage than regular cabbage. Kimchi (Korean Sauerkraut) This is the traditional Kimchi, used with most meals in Korea. It’s delicious, especially if you like your food spicy – and those spices will rev up your internal...
  14. mcnerd

    Archaeological find! Usual question.

    Open it and taste it. It's safe to eat as long as the jar was properly sealed. Single food items tend to last a long time on the shelf. As I may have mentioned before, I'm still digging into my 2007 inventory and it all tastes just like it was canned yesterday.
  15. mcnerd

    Remove rings before storing

    Remove the rings. Like the male in most aspects of nature once the job is done they are no longer needed.
  16. mcnerd

    Red Beans and Rice

    Hmmmm, that's my routine.
  17. mcnerd

    Pickling Carrots

    The "Bath" is canning in a Boiling Water Canner which pasteurizes and sterilizes the jar and contents so it can be stored in the pantry at room temperature. That way you don't get poisoned eating the food later.
  18. mcnerd

    Pickling Carrots

    Very few BWB recipes need to go beyond 10 minutes to pasteurize against the basic bacteria, etc., that are high acid. Some fruit and dense recipes do have to go a much longer period however. Altitude will affect when you achieve a rolling boil but not the time itself.
  19. mcnerd

    Pickling Carrots

    I assume that if you want Dilled Carrots that you will add Dill to your jars besides the vinegar and salt brine. Sugar is also recommended in a small amount to cut the harshness of the vinegar. For the salt I would stick to Kosher or Pickling/Canning Salt since other salts have impurities or...
  20. mcnerd

    Microwave recipes

    One of my favorite uses, especially in the summer months, is Corn on the Cob. Leave the husks on and microwave for 4-5 minutes per cob. Remove carefully (very hot!), cut off the stem end at the widest part of the cob. Firmly grab the opposite end (with the hair) and shake/push out the cob...
  21. mcnerd

    Corn Cob Jelly - Anyone tried it?

    How long did you wait for it to set up? It can often take weeks for some jams or jellies to gel. Much of it depends on whether you reached a full rolling boil (220°F). It's not easy on some stoves.
  22. mcnerd

    Steam canning

    Enough research to tell you they are not considered safe by US standards as mentioned above
  23. mcnerd

    Corn Cob Jelly - Anyone tried it?

    There is only Corn Cob 'Jelly', not Jam, and its a very old recipe that has not been tested under today's canning recommendations, though I guess you could cross your fingers and process in a boiling water canner for 10 minutes. Just remember that you are dealing with a low-acid food item and...
  24. mcnerd

    Clueless herb grower

    I grow all my herbs in a AeroGarden sitting on a table bookshelf in my kitchen. Its expensive but its almost foolproof and the herbs it produces is fantastic. I've even done cherry tomatoes and jalapenos. I've even used it as a seed starter before transplanting to pots.
  25. mcnerd

    Canning Problems

    Yes. And also the fact that most foods float (to the top) which makes the liquid seem more obvious at the bottom. The experienced canner, especially those that want to submit their creation for judging at a County Fair, perfect ways to keep those issues to a minimum. Me....I just give the...
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