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  1. Maelinde

    Fresh Tomato Salsa

    Friends, A few years back, Randy and I spent the better part of a weekend perfecting our fresh salsa. We never used a recipe before - just put the ingredients in to taste. Several of our friends wanted an actual recipe so that they could make it themselves. We thoroughly enjoyed eating the...
  2. Maelinde

    Mini Meat Loaves

    Randy loves it when I make these. Except he calls this recipe by a different name that makes me crazy: Meat Muffins. :ohmy: Really!? Guys, please tell me that Randy is wrong. I prefer Mini Meat Loaves. Who's right? I know, loaded question. I'll be making these when my brother Joe is...
  3. Maelinde

    ISO Dehydrator Recipe for V-8 Powder

    Hiya Everyone! I'm now on to a new search... My hubby Randy would like for me to make him some V-8 powder. Personally, I can't stand any kind of vegetable juice to drink. He absolutely loves it and would appreciate anything I could make for him to use as a drink powder. I'll cook a soup...
  4. Maelinde

    What is your favorite item to dry in your dehydrator?

    I love using my dehydrator, and I've made some yummy treats, and some flops. So far, my favorite dehydrated treats are tangelo slices, Roma tomatoes, banana chips, and kale. I have plans to dehydrate some beef jerky, Zucchini chips, and potato chips. What are your favorites? Also, what have...
  5. Maelinde

    ISO Dehydrator Recipes For Easy Beef Jerky

    Hi Everyone, I received an Excalibur 9 tray dehydrator for Christmas and have been drying like a mad woman. :wink: I now want to get in to making all kinds of jerky - starting with beef. I'm also looking for gluten free turkey jerky recipes for friends, as well as some grain free/seasoning...
  6. Maelinde

    Got a New Cookbook!

    Hiya Everyone! Over the weekend, my hubby Randy and I went to the North Texas Irish Festival and as always, we hit up the bookseller. :yum: Usually I get costuming/pattern books for medieval and Renaissance costuming, and I did get one of those, but I also got a fabulous cookbook this year...
  7. Maelinde

    Hi Everyone! New here from Texas

    Hiya everyone! I've been lurking here for a week or two and just really like this forum. I've been a home cook basically since I was 5 - assisting my mom. I was putting full meals on the table since age 10. My mom and grams really taught me well. Now, I cook for my hubby and sometimes my...
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