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    ISO Cream Cheese Frosting for Carrot Cake

    Is not very sweet and the frosting is of mascarpone (italian cheese, do you know? is not butter): no grainy texture!:chef:
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    ISO Cream Cheese Frosting for Carrot Cake

    do you like my carrot cake? cream cheese frosting (mascarpone cheese with sugar sifted and vanilla) and carrots of marzapane!
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    ISO Cream Cheese Frosting for Carrot Cake

    Thank you!:chef:
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    ISO Cream Cheese Frosting for Carrot Cake

    Hi! I have need of the recipe of cream cheese ( philadelphia) frosting for a carrot cake........:chef: Please, help me! :-) Thank you
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    Happy Birthday Urmaniac13!

    happy birthday!!!! tantissimi auguri di buon compleanno!!!
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    A Friendly Howdy from Tennessee!

    ciao! welcome!:chef:
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    Hi - from Bangalore, India

    welcome from Italy!!benvenuto!
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    New from Twin Cities, MN!

    Hi Tim!!!:chef:
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    Yea! I found this place

    welcome from italy! ciao! what's the name of your kids?:smile:
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    Hello and Buon giorno

    Benvenuta e ciao dall'Italia!!! :chef: welcome!
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    Hey All

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    Favorite Cereal

    i love all the cereals, but my favorite is kellogg's special k classic and frosted with white yogurt!!!! sluuuuuurp! i love so muesli with nut and dry fruits and cheerios!
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    Howdy From Ft Worth

    hi Bill, welcome!:chef:
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    ciao lulu, benvenuta! welcome! i'm jessica from italy, i'm 23 year old and i live in Friuli (next venezia)! se ti fa piacere scrivimi presto!!! bye bye!:chef:
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    Hi !!!

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    Just wanted to say Hi?

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    welcome!!!! benvenuta! i'm Jessica!:chef:
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    i say to RDG ,in italian language:" i attend your message"!:smile:
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    Turnovers / strudels

    bijim, your recipe is much similar to mine and think that is optimal fro to make the pies!
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    Turnovers / strudels

    sorry!!! a pinch of salt!!!!:rolleyes:
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    hi joseph, friuli venezia giulia is a region of north italy!!!!
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    welcome, benvenuta debra!!!
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    Turnovers / strudels

    i make the strudel like this: 250 gr strong flour (type manitoba), 1 small egg, 2 seed oil spoons, just a pinch of salt (optional), half warm water glass. mixing the ingredients fastly, to form one ball and to make to rest 1 hour, covered from one table cloth. sorry if my english is not...
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    Can you stand another newbie?

    10 kids??????:ohmy: i've one only, my son Alessandro, 4 year old!!!! but.....i'd like to have 3 or 4 kids.......!!! welcome!!! benvenuta! can i ask you the names of your kids? ciao ciao!
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