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    Pouring milk from 1/2 gallon tricks please! Milk leaks all over the countertop

    Anybody have tricks to POUR anything from the entire 1/2 gallon glass jar to another container successfully without spills or leakage? I tried using a gigantic funnel when pouring, but it doesn't help the leakage problem. I pour very fast, yet still making a mess. Anybody, any suggestion, any...
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    How to keep crispiness after crackers done

    Actually, this thread is using crackers as an example, yet it applies to anything baked goods, including sweet potato chips...etc when the crackers and chips are cool after baked, they taste so good and crunchy. I have always kept crackers and chips in air-tight jars, yet once they are in a...
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    Campfire soot on pot created only in OVEN!!!!!

    Because my cast iron pot is pretty new, I am trying to seasoning it as often as possible (food has gotten stuck badly even though I have already oiled the pot and baked in oven for times). Thus, I left the empty pot there in the oven while baking something else. Last time I baked pizza at 500...
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    Super Ultra THIN crispy pizza crust?

    My husband and I both LOVE Dominos thin crust pizzas. I got a pizza stone and used it, yet not happy with the crust. So.. I bought a pizza STEEL. I love how my thin pizza crust, yet my husband doesn't, for it's not as thin or EASY/Crunchy as Dominos'. Com'on, a homemade crust!!!! How...
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    My finger poke test never accurate????

    I've watched MANY videos mentioning about finger poke test for proofing the dough to determine readiness for baking. They all describe the same conditions. However, my finger poke test always tells me that my dough is OVER-proofed, b/c it almost never springs back, or at least not within...
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    Internal temperature reads 210F yet still damp

    I tested my food probe to see if it's accurate or not by testing boiling water. It reads 213.85. Pretty good I would say for the accuracy. Every sorudough bread I baked always had internal temperature range 203-210F (they were all met various recipe doneness). Nonetheless, each bread was DAMP...
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    Stiff starter turn darker color outside!

    My stiff starter smells fine, but it gets darker outside. When I broke it up to mix and feed, inside is the same normal wheat color. What does darker outside on the stiff starter mean? or What happens? Thanks for your replies in advance.
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    Oven temperature? Which is go about??????

    I have a Frigidaire oven that's installed by the mass produced builder ( according to everything he installed, I believe that he chose the cheapest appliances and items). I've never been serious baking until recently. Although I have had an oven thermometer for years, I actually did not pay...
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    My sponge cake and related cakes always turn color grey!

    Every time i use WHOLE EGG whisking and egg separating whisking method, my cake always starts to turn the color from nice yellowish to some greyish color on top. What is that? It doesn't taste moldy, nor it smell funky. Taste all the same
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    Anybody use ATTA flour?

    I bought ATTA flour, for I thought the protein content is higher than regular whole wheat flour from the States. By logic, my dough should be more springy and stretchy which results in airier bread. BUT my atta flour can never ferment as well as regular WW flour. The dough feels OK at first...
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    Isn't my starter already mature, but why pickup so slow?

    My starter took about 7 days to mature (doubled in size within 24 hours). Because there are only 2 people in my household. After the starter reached its maturity, I froze it. Thus, i refrost in the frdge and feed it before I need to bake. I have been doing this way for at least 3-4 times...
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    If not use fridge to do second proofing

    I have a very small fridge, so I am not able to put all the individual shaped dough laying out on a tray in the fridge. The cold proofing is calling for 18 hours, so how long should I leave the dough in room temperature. I understand that the flavor would be compromised slightly...\\thanks
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    Black Garlic not turn darker color yet

    I still have one week to go for the black garlic to be ready. I put garlic bulbs in canning jars in a dehydrator However, they are NOT turning much darker. I wonder if I did it right or not. Maybe in a week or so, they will magically turn all dark brown?
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    Difference btwn stove-top anodized aluminum and bakeware?

    Why stove-top anodized cooking pans are all black (as if they have a coating. Even though the manufacturers claim no CFC, PTFE or PFOA)? Why anodized bakeware always look just like aluminum color but not black (really look like no coating)? Thanks
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    ISO method/methods for making TENDER SOFT AIRY cakes

    I've tried various ways and methods to make cakes, yet I haven't found the kind I love, namely TENDER SOFT AIRY MOIST CREAMY DELICATE cakes. I do NOT like sponge cake, for it's too springing and dry to the mouth. I like pound cake TASTE yet I don't like its being dense. I have even tried...
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    Whole Wheat Bread Flour vs Whole Wheat Flour+ Gluten???

    I would very much like to purchase whole wheat bread flour directly rather than using whole wheat flour and adding some gluten to it, for I am not sure how to get the same or similar texture. Because I like to only use whole wheat flour entirely to make breads without adding all-purpose or...
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    Prevent lasagna dry on edge?

    2 questions please: 1. how to prevent the top edges of the noodles become hard? 2. I always have a dome shape lagsagna (like a baked cake). The dome is NOT caused by the baking as a cake does, yet i think it's the way I am layering the noodles and stuffing. Any trick to make the shape nice...
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    How long does a home-baked bagel stay fresh?

    Would anybody please shed light with me about the duration a home baked bagel last? 1. how long does it stay in a plastic bag in room temperature naturally (still taste the same as freshly baked? 2. how long does it take to start to grow mold in the bag? thanks
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    No curds formed at all this cheese-making batch

    I have been using this mesophilic culture pack (5 little packs within one pack). It's always successful before, yet not these past 2 times. No curds are formed at all. These two batches did have the usual nice fragrance and got slightly thicker than milk consistency. I even left them to be...
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    Upset stomach by almond milk but not almond!

    My husband kept saying that whenever he drinks almond milk, he gets diarrhea. However, he is ok eating almond nuts, either raw or baked. Anybody knows what's going on? I suspect his upset stomach maybe just coincident, yet he is sure about his diarrhea caused by almond milk
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    Cheese starter vs starter culture?

    I have been using mesophilic culture to make my goat cheese in room temperature without any problems. Then, I watched this video about making a starter culture to be added to the raw milk. The hostess said that people often skip this step (well, i am one of them), but the bacteria in the raw...
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    What's wrong with my yogurt+cheese making

    I used to live in an area where I got raw goat milk to make chèvre using rennet. It was the best chèvre ever. Now there is no raw goat milk supply where I live, so I only buy Mayerbeng goat milk to make kefir. I've never attempted to try making chèvre or yogurt with Mayerbeng goat milk, due...
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    Moldy dehydrated almond!!!!!

    I soaked, boiled 1 minute, blanched, and dehydrated almonds for at least 20 hours. After they were completely cool, I put them in a glass air-tight container. They were fine for less than a month. After a month, they were all moldy..... I don't understand why after 20 something hours of...
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    Crispy CRACKERS?

    I am trying to adjust the crispiness of my liking to a cracker recipe, because the crackers according to the recipe taste more cookie-like than crackers. Some crackers are grittier with rounder crumbs if broken, while others crispier like saltine with thin layer crumbs if broken. I like the...
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    Wash+clean bowls butter is in?

    How do you by hands wash and clean the bowls and whatnots that butter was contained in without making more mess? It's fun and rewarding to make my own butter, yet cleaning the greasy bowls is a very time consuming nightmare. Should I wash them with COLD water or hot water, and etc?
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