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  1. Joshatdot

    White/Whole Wheat Bread

    I've been trying my hand at home made bread with my K45SS. I've just made some Stone-Buhr Whole Wheat Bread .. the recipe that is on the back of the packaging. Whole Wheat Bread | Stone Buhr
  2. Joshatdot

    Does my K45SS need service? (wobbly)

    I have a 80s something K45SS .. and when mixing almost anything it gets a little bit wobbly. It seems to happen when the planetary mixer thing is at 10 oclock, if you were looking directly down at it. Here is a video of it on action KitchenAid K45SS - Wobbly when mixing - YouTube
  3. Joshatdot

    KitchenAid Stand Mixer Service Manual

    I found this gem when searching for how old my mixer is with the serial number. For Models K45SS KSM75 KSM90 KSM103 KSM110 KSM150 KSM151 K5SS KSM5 KSM50P KSMC50 KPM5 KPM50 KP50P also here...
  4. Joshatdot

    Overnight Cinnamon Rolls

    Overnight Cinnamon Rolls Recipe : Alton Brown : Food Network Recipe courtesy Alton Brown, 2006 Prep Time:45 min Inactive Prep Time:10 hr 30 min Cook Time:30 min Level:Intermediate Serves:12 rolls Ingredients Dough: 4 large egg yolks, room temperature 1 large whole...
  5. Joshatdot

    Baking sheet pans .. traditional or air type ones?

    I've been using these 14in x 16.5in air insulated sheet pans for baking. Stuff takes abit longer then what usually is called by in recipes. They are like this, but they are not nonstick coated AirBake Ultra by T-Fal Insulated Nonstick 16 x 14-Inch Cookie Sheet: Kitchen & Dining My...
  6. Joshatdot

    Baking book w/measurements by weight?

    Not many of the cook books I have the baking measurements by weight. What do you know of/recommend?
  7. Joshatdot

    What to do with ground beef

    besides burgers .. and I do not know how to make meat loaf. I have a big bag of Basmati rice .. some baby carrots, celery .. prolly some other stuff. I have not heard of any ground beef & rice dishes.
  8. Joshatdot

    Gots me a new CI Skillet

    My old, found at a Thrift Store SK 8 skillet has kind of been giving me little issues. First is that it has hot spots, or bottom metal is thin. Say when I cook eggs or bacon in it .. there is a visible hotter ring from the gas oven burners. Second is that I seem to have to reseason it...
  9. Joshatdot

    Ceramic knife/knives

    What do you think of them?
  10. Joshatdot

    My version of Chex Mix

    4oz Chex Rice 4oz Chex Corn 8oz Chex Wheat 6oz Bagel Chips 6oz of Pretzel Stix 16oz Fancy Mixed Nuts 16oz Roasted Peanuts 2 stix butter (1/2 lb) 1tbsp Garlic Powder 1tbsp Seasoned Salt 1 Big Roaster Pan Preheat oven to 225*F I first made this with 6oz of Chex Rice & Corn .. but it came out too...
  11. Joshatdot

    What to do about slipping on Ice in the Winter?

    It's been snowing around here .. and got tired of slipping and falling on my ass on the ice: + + =
  12. Joshatdot

    Chocolate Turtles

    I want to try my hand in cooking/baking/creating some candy .. and I LOVE Chocolate Turtles. AFAIK there is only 3 ingredients: Pecans, Milk Chocolate & Caramel. Have any of you made them? or have any recipes and FAQs for candy newbies?
  13. Joshatdot

    Tonight's Dinner: Trader Joe's Indian Fare Jaipur Veggies with Chicken

    Chicken cubes marinated in this Cooked With this and Basmati Brown Rice equals this
  14. Joshatdot

    CI heating/cooking uneven?

    What would be the EZ'est or simplest way to check if my SK #8 cast iron is heating/cooking evenly? I ask because I don't think it is. I was frying some bacon and the strips in the middle area were cooking a little faster then the sides. I didn't think much of it until I poured in my scrambled...
  15. Joshatdot

    Puppy Chow in a Trail Mix?

    I was Google'ing 'homemade trail mix' and there were many on .. but this one has got my head scratching: - Recipe - Ultimate Trail Mix edit: Ohh...Puppy Chow is name for another snack, not actual puppy food.
  16. Joshatdot

    Infused Alcohol

    Last summer a friend of mine gave me a drink of Cinnamon infused Spiced Rum .. and MAN WAS IT DELISH! I don't know what brand of spiced rum it was, but I decided to make some myself. I got some cheep rum, some Virgin Island Rum was like $11 USD for a 750ml, some Old Crow Bourbon, and a 5 stick...
  17. Joshatdot

    SS Mixing bowls

    I want to get my mom some new mixing bowls. She currently has some unknown brand nesting set, white plastic w/handle & spout, and has/had a ring of rubber on the bottom. The plastic is starting to flake off, and some got into the CCC dough I made last time (I had to toss the dough). I was...
  18. Joshatdot

    ISO: Dutch Apple Pie Recipes

    I want to try and re-create the Dutch Apple Pie my Granma made, and want to know what recipes you all know or like the best.
  19. Joshatdot

    Old vs New slow cookers

    I've read here that the older slow cookers are better, because they cook at a lower temp, or have a lower warm setting? But I haven't seen/read on which of the old ones do this. Is it the old kind w/o the removable pot? What Brand and/or Model should one look for? like at Thrift Stores...
  20. Joshatdot

    Crisco's CCC Recipe ...

    Ever since I've been trying my hand at baking, I've been trying different CCC recipes. I've only done 3 or 4 so far; Tollhouse, Better Homes & Gardens New Cook Book (1981), Alton Brown's Puffy CCC, and this last one had very odd results. Crisco's Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies - 3/4 stick...
  21. Joshatdot

    CCC w/Bacon suggestions

    what do you recommend for making CCC's with bacon toping? I was going to use the standard Tollhouse recipe, but with butter Crisco for more puffy, and then just jam some fried bacon bits on top & then bake.
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