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  1. phinz

    To All My DC Friends

  2. phinz

    Does anybody else find this ironic?

    Just took this screenshot on CNN... :rofl:
  3. phinz

    Yuletide Greetings!

  4. phinz

    Home bar... (big pics inside)

    So I added new thatching to the roof and bar stools (as well as a new surfboard, which will eventually hang on the ceiling) to the tiki bar in my basement. Tonight I shot a few pictures while we were enjoying a little jazz and some Erdinger Hefeweizen, Eau Benite and Stone Smoked Porter. I...
  5. phinz

    Song lyrics that mean something to you

    This is an interesting thread on another forum I frequent, so I thought I'd try it over here. Post some of your favorite/most meaningful lyrics. A song that speaks to you. You can tell us why, or you can leave it up to our individual interpretations. I'll start out. When I got on the plane in...
  6. phinz

    Squab anyone?

    Had a great time at Imperial Academy this weekend (also known as Dragon*Con), but got a little frustrated when Darth Gustatious decided I had to catch and cook my own meal.
  7. phinz

    Shine on you crazy diamond...

    Sail on Syd :neutral:
  8. phinz

    Some pictures I took at the Scottish Heritage and Music Festival

    Thought I'd share some pictures I took here in Knoxville, TN at the inaugural Knoxville Scottish Heritage and Music Festival. I had a great time. The music was the main focus, and it was wonderful. We heard at least half a dozen bands, and stayed a while for the Ceilidh afterwards. Beautiful...
  9. phinz

    There are worse places in the world...

    That you could be for a funeral in the winter/early spring than Key Largo. We had my father-in-law's funeral ceremony on Monday. We chartered the 1963 Trumpy yacht Tireless and scattered his ashes from the yacht at the point of the breakwater at the Anglers Club of Key Largo. That evening we...
  10. phinz

    The fridge thread

    As requested:
  11. phinz

    Does anybody here blog?

    I recently started writing to my blog again. I have a bad habit of being very self-critical. It's most likely because of my 6 years of journalism school at the University of Tennessee. I'm having to learn to not let the inner critic stifle my desire to convert my thoughts to prose. I'm currently...
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