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  1. danbuter

    New ways to use pancake mix Bunch of awesome ways to use pancake mix.
  2. danbuter

    My noodle soup recipe

    Just something I make on a fairly regular basis. Ingredients (all amounts according to taste): egg noodles garlic onions mushrooms soy sauce cumin salt pepper one egg chicken (cut into small pieces) grated cheese Cook the chicken in a separate pan. Bring water to a boil. Add in salt and soy...
  3. danbuter

    Spice up your hot chocolate

  4. danbuter

    Breakfast is my favorite meal

    I love having a day off when I can sleep in, then get up and make an awesome breakfast. Nothing is better, as far as feeling at home. Today I'm making french toast and having coffee. Nothing complicated, but it's nice having the time in the morning to do this.
  5. danbuter


    Test. Haven't been able to post in a week. my message gets deleted when I hit submit. Ok. working now!
  6. danbuter

    Justin Wilson

    Anyone else remember watching this old Cajun on TV? I watched a number of his shows when I was growing up, and loved it. It's too bad there aren't guys like him around anymore on the food channels. Here's him making gumbo: New Orleans Cajun, Justin Wilson - Gumbo - YouTube
  7. danbuter

    ISO a source for good Asian mustard?

    I'd like to buy some of the mustard you get in the various Chinese restaurants. The kind that waters my eyes and burns going down. Any recommended brands?
  8. danbuter

    Good shepherd's pie recipe?

    I was hoping some of you have tried various shepherd's pie recipes and could share. I haven't had it in years, and I wanna try it again. I know I really liked it back in the day.
  9. danbuter

    Cheap, Fast, and Good

    What kinds of meals do you make when in a bit of a hurry but light in the wallet? Some of the things I've done: Cold spaghetti sauce on bread. Canned beef stew on rice.
  10. danbuter

    The ultimate chef's knife

  11. danbuter

    Hogue late season Reisling

    I recently had the late season reisling from Hogue, a Washington state winery. It was really good. Just wanted to put the word out. I don't remember the year off the top of my head, but I think it was 2009... It was sweet, and had no wine aftertaste (which I can't stand, and has made me very...
  12. danbuter

    Long hot year good for grapes?

    I'm guessing this year's weather, which has been crazy hot really early, is good for wine grapes? Am I right? If so, will 2012 be one of those sought-after years for many brands? Just curious.
  13. danbuter

    What gewurtztraminers would you recommend?

    I generally buy Chateau Ste Michelle gewurtztraminer, since it's pretty cheap in PA and I like it. I was wondering what other producers you would recommend?
  14. danbuter

    How soon until NYC is NOT a food destination?

    With all of the crazy laws Bloomberg has passed or attempted to pass, how soon until all the good restaurants move to Jersey City or at least outside the city limits? I still can't believe the NYC politicians called for a ban on salt in restaurants (even during prep).
  15. danbuter

    Chow Ciao!

    Anyone else watch this? It's a weekly show on Yahoo, with each episode being around 10 to 15 minutes long. At first, I thought it was just ok, but Chef Fabio is pretty funny. It just took a while for me to get his humor. In any case, I recommend it! Chow Ciao!
  16. danbuter

    Feeling guilty but happy

    I got home from a long day at work and I didn't feel like cooking. So I sat down and ate a pound of potato salad. Delicious!!!
  17. danbuter

    Why do steakhouses ask me to cut my steak right away?

    Over the last year or so, every time I go into a steakhouse (multiple restaurants), the server asks me to cut into the steak right away. I know they want to make sure it's done, but it's really bad if you want your steak to taste good, as steak needs to sit for 10 minutes or so. I wish this...
  18. danbuter

    Some helpful ideas

  19. danbuter

    Brown Sugar in chili

    I add a tablespoon of brown sugar to any pot of chili I make. It adds some sweetness, without overpowering the other ingredients. Anyone else do this?
  20. danbuter

    Super Bowl Sunday Dinner! 2/5/12

    I've got bratwurst, tortilla chips with salsa, cheese, etc., and beer!
  21. danbuter

    Horseradish cheese

    I got a block of this at the grocery store a couple days ago (I live in Amish country). It's really good. I'd never heard of it before, and when I saw it, I had to buy it. It's a hard cheese, and is kind of a mix of either cheddar or american (not sure), and a strong dose of horseradish. Anyone...
  22. danbuter

    Dinner - Thursday Jan 26

    I'm having orange chicken over rice. Just a microwave meal, but it's not bad.
  23. danbuter

    Recommended chicken stock brand?

    Just wondering if there is a brand of chicken stock that is generally considered better than others.
  24. danbuter

    Egg sandwich

    This is the egg sandwich that I came up with, and that I prefer. Nothing fancy, but I think it tastes great. 3 eggs oil 2 slices bread garlic salt pepper miracle whip frying pan and spatula Put 3 eggs in bowl and whip them until it's mostly yellow. Put a frying pan on over medium heat. While...
  25. danbuter

    Have your tastes changed over time?

    Just something I thought about. I used to love creamy soups like New England Clam Chowder. These days, I just don't. I'd much rather have a brothy soup. Not sure why, but over the last couple years I've just lost my appetite for thicker soups.
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