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  1. cas

    Fridge Shelves

    could someone please confirm what food needs to be placed on which shelf in the fridge. I have been told different things.
  2. cas

    Chilling fresh yeast dough

    How long can we keep yeast dough in the fridge for? e.g. dough for pizza etc.
  3. cas

    Jam in doughnuts

    I would like to make tiny fried doughnuts. I would like to inject the jam into the middle after they are fried. Can I just use any syringe? where do i get them from?? plzzzzzzzz help:sad:
  4. cas

    ISO yeast doughnut recipe ( plain)

    the only recipes i can find are for glazed doughnuts, plus I need a TNT recipe.. plz thnx Cas
  5. cas

    Need a jam roly poly recipe WITHOUT suet !

    I need to find a recipe for jam roly poly pudding that doesn't contain suet, but tastes just as good ... thanx
  6. cas

    ISO help with coconut in a recipe

    I'm making deep fried bananas and pineapples ( fritters). The recipe needed shredded coconut, but I couldn't find fresh or freeze dried, so I got flaked coconut (dried) instead... 1. do I need to soak it before I use it ?
  7. cas

    South African Koeksisters Recipe

    this is a recipe for koeksisters, this is very similar to a doughnut..... but not :wacko: its strips of dough plaited together, then deep fried until golden brown, then dipped in ice cold syrup then cooled. its sooo yummy... but soooo bad for you. I hope you guys try it cos I like to spread...
  8. cas

    Dessert to impress, recipe help

    I've recently moved for South Africa to the United Kingdom and I could not bring all my cooking equipment and recipes.. Every week my boyfriend's family gets together and has a dinner, I was asked to do a dessert. I'm great when it comes to winter puddings, but no so good when it comes to summer...
  9. cas

    Whisking cream with a balloon whisk - help!

    I have always try to do things manually, instead of using gadgets. When I use an electric whisk I get perfect whipped cream everytime. When I use a balloon whisk I - - overwhip it - the cream at the bottom of the bowl thickens before the top does :wacko::wacko::wacko::wacko: I make sure...
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