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  1. Termy

    Is This???

    I used to cook a chicken breast just fine, then I got a meat thermometer. Ever since then I have been overcooking it. I mean consistently. I was down to 110ºF but still. Well now I am only going to 100º. The overcooking and being dry takes away from my spices. It is due Friday, which...
  2. Termy

    Get A Load Of Michael Rodent

    (from memory) Back in the day when the computers were not so big, you could get away with a few things. A guy went to office supply places and got a bunch of blank W-2s. He filled them out. He collected an income tax refund on each and made alot of money. The names were fictional, but the IRS...
  3. Termy

    Any Which Way You Can

  4. Termy

    Dinner Parties At The Old Place

    One time it is roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, (maybe black) a veggie and usually rolls. Next spaghetti and meatballs n sausage, usually with pieces of pork. In summer, steaks. I would buy a beef tenderloin and just cut it into how many pieces to be one for each person. Pizza, and that cost...
  5. Termy

    How Do You Do Dishes?

    The subject of dishes came up. Not everyone has a dishwasher, we have no room here. Others simply wont have one. So I get me a good load of nice soapy sorta hot water. I do all the glass first, then the ceramics, plates etc. Then the plastic. I am special careful rinsing the plastic because...
  6. Termy

    Burner With A Brain

    Ever have one, we had a couple over the years. You get the flame up, and then push down to set the temperature. It can make a stovetop almost into an oven. There is a temperature sensor that is right in the middle of the burner. One problem is that the right kind of idiot could set it...
  7. Termy

    Hick Pizza

    Get a load off this. Out on the farm, they decided to make pizza. How ? Fried up meat and sauce, made a Bisquik crust, put the meat stuff on and then American cheese. But there's one thing bothering me, (not the Man in the jar) the fact I thought it was not bad ! Had a few interesting...
  8. Termy

    How To Test What Something Tastes Like

    Say I got a spice I never heard of, or did but never had any. Some have said a wet piece of bread, I dunno about that. For example, how does saffron taste ? I never had any but when I do get something I need to know how it tastes before I can use it. So then what, a saltine cracker ? I...
  9. Termy

    Has Anyone Ever Had Big Tapioca?

    They got some that are about the size of capers. I have had them in a pudding and they were great. No favor as you would expect but the consistency. So anyone ever had ? T
  10. Termy

    Have Mused About Opening A Restaurant

    We have an anti-smoking ordinance here in the state, but you get a membership at the dor which getds you one share of common stock. All employees are also shareholders. Since there are technically no employees or customers they can do nothing. The HVAC is such that there are ventsamundo on the...
  11. Termy

    Freeze Dry

    I have read about cartilage eaten and having very good benefits. Shark cartilage I'm told, chicken cartilage was used in an experiment years ago and found to be good for the joints. Freeze drying is simply a matter of the food thawing in a vacuum. I went looking for compressor for...
  12. Termy

    When Is Ham Not Ham?

    Ham was invented to preserve meat. However they cured it, other than flavor it drew out most of the moisture. Little bacteriums and bugs need water. Being dryer it will last longer. Anyway, the usual ham you buy at the store has been injected with water to get the weight back up. If it is only...
  13. Termy

    There Was This...

    In Italy, before pizza they had something that was only crust and sauce. Anyone know anything about that ? Anyone know what it was called ? There was a pizza place that made it, DiCarlo's. You get the crust and sauce, want pepperoni ? The guy would throw on a good inch of shaved pepperoi...
  14. Termy

    Noticed Something After Years

    Two things I have ever seen in Oriental cooking - tomatoes and potatoes. Why ? Didn't they have them when figuring out all those recipes ? T
  15. Termy

    Club Sandwich

    Traditional I think. Ham, turkey breast, bacon. Fist slice gets the BLT, a slice of bread goes on that and then the other meats. Of course some cheese. And ore mayo. Now I am set on that and have all the ingredients. However that would be a dull thread. What other variations of a club...
  16. Termy

    Easy Stuffed Peppers

    Stuff cubanella pepper with hot Italian sausage. Cook in medium salsa. Time in oven ? Until you figure the sausage is done, the peppers will take care of themselves. I do know how to do it the regular way, with the meat/rice mix and canned tomatoes. But this is only three ingredients. Note...
  17. Termy

    Wagyu Or Kobe Beef Rare

    With all that marbling in it, which is supposed to cook out, will it be yuck because of that fat ? I wonder if I should even bother getting some. T
  18. Termy

    Salad Bars?

    I like them. I know the quality is not in control but who cares once you find a good one. The usual salad, then potato salad, beans. And they got grated carrots, grated cheddar cheese and thousand island dressing. I can't remember how long ago is was. So more in general, y'all like salad...
  19. Termy

    Killer Kasserole

    Seen your cardiologist lately ? Enough potatoes to fill the pot, peel and cut manually, make them uneven. Now deep fry them. When it is only a little bit I do it in a wok. The unequal cutting makes them come out different. Meantime frying the meat, which is about 1½-2 lbs. depending on how...
  20. Termy

    Helpful Hints

    Ever in doubt which way your mini USB goes into the phone ? I used to have trouble with that until I marked one side. First I used a very small piece of tap, but that fell off and I cut a chamfer on the front. Repeated attempts to plug in the mini USB wrong is not good for the receptacle...
  21. Termy

    Well Since Nobody Can Get Me...

    Cast iron cookware, I was wondering how to remove the black. The black is not the cast iron, I have seen plenty of cast iron and that ain't it. So just what'll remove that black ? Unless maybe someone can find me some that isn't blackened. T
  22. Termy

    Grocery Delivery

    I may have posted about my experience with hungryroot in a rant. And Imperfectfoods wants a membership. Where do you all order from ? I just want to see what they got before I commit to - and get this - they want a strong password, geez. Is some hacker going to order me 10,000 cabbages or...
  23. Termy

    Skin On?

    Some fish filets have skin on them. People almost always take it off. For one it curls. even pan frying. The skin is nutritious so I want it on there. The olman figured it out. What you do is fry the flesh side first completely almost, or completely. Once that it done and it didn't curl up...
  24. Termy


    Sometimes I reuse the bottles. But how well do the seal ? For one, glass with a metal lid is probably top of the list. So anyway then you got the plastic ones. The type they had for a while had a normal lid and a thing with holes under it. Take lid off then the hole thing and you can stick a...
  25. Termy

    Re: Subcategories, But Which?

    Re: Subcategories, But Which? Soups, stews - whatever. Stir fry. We have it sometimes. Made it with chicken, beef and even filet mignon. We do not thicken it, it goes over rice and I put soy sauce on mine. So is it a soup or a stew ? Or either actually ? Personally I think it would be...
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