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  1. nrkelly

    Has anyone ever used cherry juice to tint a cake?

    I've got a white butter cake mix for my daughter's birthday cake. I'd like to make it pink and I know that somewhere I've heard of using maraschino cherry juice to tint cakes. Has anyone ever done it? How much do I use? Will it make it taste really cherry like or not much at all? She doesn't...
  2. nrkelly

    Has anyone ordered a turducken online?

    I have about 12 - 15 coming for Thanksgiving and dh wants me to make a turducken. I'd like to order one online, b/c I can't debone to save my life. Has anyone ordered one? Was it good? Did it arrive frozen? Was it worth it? Is it easy to cook? Thank you.
  3. nrkelly

    Apple Pie leftovers? Any ideas?

    I made a recipe for sour cream apple pie that I found on Allrecipes, but the top crust (crisp really) didn't go over well. so I have half a pie left. Other than using it on ice cream, does anyone have any ideas what I can do w/ it? I hate to throw all that food away since we're on such a...
  4. nrkelly

    Question re: Japanese indoor grills

    I have a question about the small indoor japanese grills. I don't understand how they work, having never used one. It looks as though they're using charcoal, but here in the states, all you see are warnings NOT to use it inside. How do they safely do it? Is it safe to use on a wooden table...
  5. nrkelly

    What's cookin' today (7/15)?

    I'm trying new stuff today: garlic chili pork tenderloins (from my garlic cookbook) summer salad with creamy lime dressing cheese on the cob (from Paula Deen)
  6. nrkelly

    Lamb bones?

    I got a ton of them at the store today and they have lots and lots of meat on them. Any ideas on how to use them?? Thank you! :smile:
  7. nrkelly

    Let me try this again

    well, apparently the post I made before went through after all, but I can't find a way to delete this. sorry all.
  8. nrkelly

    Yea! I found this place

    I've been looking for a REAL cooking board for years. Most of the ones I've found don't have very much discussion going on, just posting of recipes. I'm so glad to have found this place. I don't know if I'll get any sleep tonight - I'm too busy looking through recipes! My name is Nicole...
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