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  1. joesfolk

    ISO help to reset display

    Will someone please advise me in how to reset my display so that when I go to read a thread the first post shows up first and so on. Now they are in reverse order.
  2. joesfolk

    Everything old is new again

    Hi folks, I used to come here often but somehow got away from it. But I am back now. I see there are still a few familiar faces here. Hope to have fun with you all this winter.
  3. joesfolk

    Easter cooking Dilemma

    I have no idea how many I will be serving for Easter. May be as few as three or as many as eight. Probably won't even know the total till we sit down for dinner. I do not want a lot of leftovers. Your menu suggestions please.
  4. joesfolk

    I never you?

    Will someone please tell me why bread recipes often require scalded milk. I know the milk gives a softer texture but why must it be scalded?
  5. joesfolk

    Flour...your opinion please

    I was wondering if I put regular AP flour into the food processor for a few minutes would it be more like double o flour?
  6. joesfolk

    ISO help/advice with the proper quantity of yeast

    I have been gifted a large quantity of yeast but it is in a form I have never used before. It is not granular. Is a solid brick of yeast which is at this moment frozen. Does anyone know how I would use this? How much would I use in a recipe for bread that calls for 3 cups of flour?
  7. joesfolk

    Lactose free heavy cream/half-and-half?

    Just wondering if anyone has ever seen a lactose free heavy cream or half and half. I know there is lactose free whole milk and cheese (such as it is) but I would really like to find a half and half or cream.
  8. joesfolk

    Meyer lemons?

    I was wondering when Meyer lemons come in season. I want to make a pie and thought I would try Meyer. But I have never seen them in the stores. Any ideas?
  9. joesfolk

    Special dinner...when?

    Just wondering if you folks do a special meal on New Year's Eve or on New Years Day? I'm thinking I'll do a surf and turf tonight. But can't decide if I want to do that or save it for tomorrow.
  10. joesfolk

    Posts disappear

    Why is it that my posts disappear from the right side of the sight under recent topics? I just posted about sirloin tip roast this morning and the post is gone though older posts are still there. Does some administrator take umbarage with my posts? This happens every time I post these days.E
  11. joesfolk

    Sirloin tip roast

    I will be cooking this for Christmas. I keep finding a recipe that calls for cooking it at 500° FOR 9-10 minutes per pound and then resting in the oven for another 9-10 minutes per pound. Supposed to be good...about medium rare. Has anyone tried this? How would you cook this cut?
  12. joesfolk

    Spatchcocked turkey

    Well I just spatchcocked a 14 pound turkey. I don't think I will ever do that again. I have no real idea how long it will take to cook it this way. I know it takes less time to cook a chicken this way. If you should ever decide to try this know that it is very difficult to get the keel bone...
  13. joesfolk

    Farmer's cheese

    I was just handed a couple of gallons of half and half. The freezers are full so I can't make ice cream. I have a huge batch of baked custard in the oven and am planning to use some of the half and half for pumpkin pies. Still have tons left. Is there any reason I can't make farmer's cheese...
  14. joesfolk

    Making farmer's cheese question

    I. tried to make farmers cheese with heavy cream. But it won't curdle for me. I brought it just to a boil added lemon juice and waited. There is a very slight curdle in it but not enough to make the cheese. So I added a little more lemon juice. Still not working. What should I do?
  15. joesfolk

    Pumpkin Pie...grrrrrrr!

    I tried a recipe that promised the best pumpkin pie I ever ate. It said if you were using a pie pumpkin instead of canned pumpkin to add 1/4 cup more sugar so I did. Well we are going to have a pretty poor pie for dessert tonight. It is cloyingly sweet. On top of that it is way over spiced...
  16. joesfolk


    Just got several bunches of broccolini. I don't think I have ever cooked it before. I'm thinking I should roast it but I wonder if the stalks might be too tough. Should I try yo peel them? How would you cook them?
  17. joesfolk

    Do you know?

    What is the difference between a stromboli and a calzone?
  18. joesfolk

    Christmas Crack

    I got curious and tried a recipe that I saw on a famous web site. Frankly what I produced does not look anything like the picture of the recipe that I pinned. Has anyone tried making this? It is a toffee made with saltine crackers. Maybe it will taste better than it looks. It's cooling now...
  19. joesfolk

    Kool-aid jelly

    Has anyone made kool-aid jelly? We are not fond of apple jelly but apples are so plentiful this year I got to wondering if apple jelly flavored with raspberry kool-aid would be any good. What do you think?
  20. joesfolk

    How it works in my head

    I was thinking about the way I choose the foods I do and I realized that being hungry and craving sweet are two completely different things. Hunger requires food with a modicum of nutrition..usually savory but not always. Craving sweet has nothing to do with hunger. While it generally feels...
  21. joesfolk

    A real "foodie" day

    Had a great day. Made applesauce crepes for breakfast and then because dh ticked me off I decided to take off and do my own thing today. As it happens a new place was having it's grand opening today. It's called the Downtown Market and is in Grand Rapids, Michigan. What a great time I had...
  22. joesfolk

    Cheese without rennet

    What kind of cheese can I make without r e n n e t ? Have come into 6 quarts of half and half.
  23. joesfolk

    Bread question for those in the know

    I have been struggling to get that wonderful open texture in my bread. You know, full of holes that serve to make wells for tons of melting butter. You see this texture in ciabata bread (sometimes). What is it that gives bread this texture? My assumption is that I need more yeast and/or a...
  24. joesfolk

    Help With Site Question

    I do not mean to hi-jack this thread but where do I start a new thread? This site changed somewhere in the last few years!
  25. joesfolk

    Vietnamese spring rolls

    We used to have wonderful Vietnamese neighbors who used to bring us fresh spring rolls occaisionally. When they moved away they gave me a list of ingredients but no actual instructions on how to prepare them. I figured it couldn"t be any harder than egg rolls. Wrong! I got them to taste right...
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