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    Marco Pierre White's book

    Anybody here read marco pierre whites book "devil in the kitchen"?
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    Favorite way to have a scallop

    What is everyones favorite way to have a scallop? Id say mine has to be the ever so classic red pepper coulis with maybe a little chive oil.
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    Back from a break

    hey everyone, I haven't been on here for a long time and I''m hoping to get back into it. But I have started working at a new restaurant called Eastern Standard and I have been learning a lot. Here is a sample menu that I wrote for a project in school which I think is a million times better then...
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    5 course meal I cooked for 10

    First course- blanched asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and philo dough and baked Second course- Greens salad with feta cheese, macerated strawberry slices and mint vinagrette Third course- Chicken Picatta with angel hair pasta paired with a 2002 chardoney white wine with grilled peaches...
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    I'm Back!

    It seems like I haven't posted here in forever! However, I am back and I just came back from a trip to France. I went all over southern France and then spent about 5 days in Paris. The Chatuea's and Cathedrals were SOOOOOOO amazing.Also the food was just phenominal. My favorite food was the...
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    Menu I made

    I will be making a three course meal for a teacher in my school as a final grade and I have my first course and dessert set and a rough outline of my entree. First course Salmon Carpaccio served with caviar and a creme freche and grey poupon sauce Entree Coq Au Vin served over a Thyme...
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    I Got Full Tuition!!!!

    I went to the awards banquet today for the competion I was in and I was awarded full tuition, books, uniform, and knife kit for the bunker hill community college. Also I was awarded the AFC Epicurean club of boston 1000 dollar cash award. Also another kid in my class who has been in the...
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    Competition this saturday

    The finals competion is this saturday and i hope I can take the Finals with first like i did with the prelims. I practiced a lot and i finished both dishes with 13mins to spare of the allowed two hours so i had time to "make the judges" some fries from tourned potato scraps. Well wish me luck!!
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    New dish Im creating

    Me and TATTRAT were talking the other night and i was telling him about this dish that I want to make and he helped me come up with this dish. Velvetized chicken with a ginger,soy sauce, garlic, orange glaze served over onion fried rice and garnish with curled scallions on top and a blood...
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    In the opinion of adults

    Ok so I might have accidentally forgot to take my girlfriends birthday at work. I tried every possible way to have someone cover my shift, I even had a kid who would but the manager doesnt think he is good enough to work a thursday. Now i already gave my girlfriend the diamond necklace i spent...
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    How's everyone doing ?

    I havent really felt like I've been to active in the forum lately so how has everyone been? anything new and exciting going on? For me I got to work with lydia shire at the 22nd annual gala food and wine festival and her line was soo long that night. I got her card and went in and worked at her...
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    Guess who I worked with?

    Tonight I was at the 22nd annual spinnazolla gala food and wine festivel in boston and i got to work with lydia shire!!! It was awesome i got to work the lock ober booth and Im going to shadow there next week!!
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    What is forse meat? I heard about it the other day as rabbit forse meat but I have no idea what it is.
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    How many strawberries for coulis?

    How many strawberrys do you think it would take to make about 4 tablespoons of coulis. Or what can I use to thin it out and get a little bit more out of the puree if I dont have the 4 tablespoons I need?
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    Placement in a competion

    I got the results back for the competion I was in and out of 40 culinarians I got 1st place!!!!!! I beat out 39 people from 6 or 7 other cities. Sense I won I not only get to move on to the next round but I get an autographed copy of Jody Adams book.
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    midterm question

    ok guys heres the deal sense me and a few others are a little more advanced in the class we are going to be given a "mystery basket" and we will have to make an entree out of that basket. Now im not sure what kind of meat im going to get but theres some possibilities. I could get steak, pork...
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    C-CAP competion

    So today I was in the competion with about 30 to 40 other students and I'd very very well!!! The other day I practiced the salad I had too do four times and each time I got them finished in the allowed 25 minutes but they would fall apart and today at the competion I banged out two salads...
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    Foaming liquids

    When foaming liquids such as fruit coulis' and coconut milk if possible how would you go about doing so. Is it just like foaming egg whites for a mousse? Could I just use a standing mixer and not a fancer "foamer"?
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    Kitchen Confidential

    Did anyone read this book by anthony bourdain? I am in the process of reading it and I must say this is the best book I have ever read. It is so in depth and he doesn't just talk about cooking or techniques, he actually rarley talkings about cooking. He talks about his experiences and how he...
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    What can I eat

    Hey guys me again I haven't been on for a few days because my mouth is killing me. I have an infection and I need to get three teeth pulled. It hurts so much I can't eat solids which brings me to my question Can you guys think of anything that I could drink besides nutrition drinks or...
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    make a 4 course meal

    what would you guys do? I would make a menu that goes something like this. Amuse Bouche: Smaller red potato hollowed out to make and cup, roasted and then filled with a minced bacon bechamel sauce. Salad: Basil, Shredded fresh mozzarella, and tomato salad served with a simple vinagrette...
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    Anyone know what I want real bad right now?

    tuna fish salad with capers, and salt and pepper to taste! OH MY GODDDDD!!!! I WANT IT!!!:cry:
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    My Steak Au Poivre pics!

    btw i spelt poivre wrong haha silly me
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    wine for a steak sauce

    What would be the best white wine to use for a sauce that I'm getting from deglazing a pan that I seared marinated steak in? The steak would br marinated in oil,garlic,onion, and parsely
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    I want to tell everyone something

    I LOVE THIS SITE!!!! i have already learned soo much from this site and it is getting me very excited to learn even more. Thank you to everyone you all rock!
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