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    Pickle recipe help

    I am growing some pickling cucumbers so I can get into pickling this year. I've tried multiple batches with very inconsistent results. From what I can tell, it can take a very long time to make a very flavorful pickle but I've seen many recipes saying as little as 2 days. The two recipes I've...
  2. K

    New range - double or single oven

    My wife and I are in the market for a new oven/stove range, all gas. She wants a double oven and I am very hesitant about it. - Heat bleed between ovens - Lack of space could make baking more challenging due to lack of flexibility of rack position - Feels like an all year compromise with once a...
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    Cooking myths

    What is the #1 cooking myth that you wish would disappear? For example, mine is that a ton of water is needed to cook pasta.
  4. K

    Cast iron seasoning problems

    I have a cast iron dutch oven which needed to be reseasoned. I scraped the old seasoning off and used flax seed oil on the grill this afternoon. I noticed two problems. First, there are some areas which didn’t seem to take the oil. Please see this video...
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    How do I reproduce Phil'z Mint Mojito coffee?

    I had Phil'z Mint Mojito coffee and love it. Recently, I've been trying to reproduce it at home and can't. There are plenty of recipes how to do it online, but none of them seem to be what I remember. Do you know how they make it? If so, I'd love to hear. Here are a few general observations with...
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    Sharpening knives - What am I doing wrong?

    I bought a whet stone a few months ago and have tried to use it numerous times to sharpen knives, but it isn’t working well. It has a 1000 and 6000 grit side which seems mostly standard. I’ll get as close to 15 degrees as I can and spend a few minutes on each side sharpening. I feel for the burr...
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    How to make great hash browns

    You know when you go to a restaurant for breakfast and the hash browns are great? Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Every time I try it at home it ends up soggy and not crispy or soft. Just...soggy. How do you reproduce restaurant hash browns?
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    Uneven French Apple Cake

    I am making the French Apple Cake from Cook's Illustrated. Their picture is completely flat on the top (and quite nice looking at that). However, mine has lumps on top and I'm not sure why they're happening. I did flatten the top pretty well with an offset spatula (really a cookie lifter). Any...
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    Russian Black Bread - Recipe Interpretation

    black bread | smitten kitchen I am baking the recipe above tonight and would like feedback. It asks for 2 cups water with a couple items, including butter, to be melted together. The recipe then calls to mix the warm yeast and melted mixture but I didn't catch where it said to let the melted...
  10. K

    Candy ID

    I was at a Thai restaurant and found this candy. I have no reason to believe this, but the English translation for the candy is "Bit-of-heaven". Kidding. But in reality, it was amazing. The link below (2.8mb image) is a picture of the wrapper. Can anyone tell me what this is and possibly...
  11. K

    Tomato and fresh basil bread

    I am starting out on the whole bread making venture and had a good white bread come out last Friday so I would like to explore a little. Ya know, test the water with the toes sort of thing. One idea that was conjured up over slices of home made white bread, beer, and a bonfire was white bread...
  12. K

    Cooked seared tuna

    I am looking to make some seared tuna for the girlfriend and I for tonight. Unfortunately, she doesn't like raw fish so it won't fly the traditional style. For mine, I will cook it like normal (I'm seeing about 30 seconds on each side on a really hot skillet). For her, I am going to cook it...
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    Beginner Bread

    I originally posted this in the wrong forum. I'm hoping the old post can be deleted. ---------- I tried making Sourdough in college (most people try drugs, I try sourdough) and it never really turned out well. 4 years out and I am thinking I want to get into bread baking again. I'd like to...
  14. K

    Best recipes for camping

    Can someone suggest recipes which were good for camping? I'm looking for something a little more unique than the typical hot dogs or burgers. Thanks!
  15. K

    Chicago area knife sharpening

    Anyone from the Chicago area (I am in Streamwood) who can recommend where I can have my knives sharpened? I have my parent's Chicago Cutlery set they received for their wedding in 1978. I don't know if they have been sharpened or not but I can say they need it. Any recommendations?
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    What to use to make butter?

    I went to buy some heavy cream today and all I found was some heavy whipping cream. I put it in a jar, shook it up and it kind of worked. It solidified and then eventually let off the butter milk. But it didn't really turn into butter more of a very thick...cream kind of. Looks like a cream...
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    Better cornbread

    I've been making a corn bread recipe (Grandmother's Buttermilk Cornbread - All Recipes) which I enjoy, but it isn't perfect. My feeling is that it's slightly bland and needs more corn flavor. It's quite sweet but just lacking depth. Can anyone make any suggestions about how I can make it a...
  18. K


    I am looking at a recipe to make home made corned beef and it calls for 2 tbsp of saltpeter. If I recall correctly, saltpeter was used in munitions at one time. Is it safe to eat and where do you find it?
  19. K

    Roux based sauce

    I am looking to cook a roux based sauce tomorrow night. When I search, most of what I find is gumbo when it comes to roux recipes. Don't get me wrong, I love gumbo. But I made it last week. Can anyone suggest any roux based sauces (or general recipes with roux in it)? Thanks!
  20. K

    Monthly Cooking Theme

    I came up with the idea to have a monthly cooking theme for the next year. Every week I'll cook a meal based on the theme. My first month is Febrouxary. Yes, a roux based meal every week (I am really proud of this pun). Anyone have suggestions on each month through January? I'm trying to...
  21. K

    Use up ingredients

    Can anyone suggest a way to use these ingredients? Ham steaks from Target Celery Lettuce Milk Half and Half Pesto Tomatos Onions
  22. K

    How to get rid of ingredients

    One of the problems I have with cooking is I will buy some ingredients and use some for the recipe. But then I have no use for it unless I put effort forth in getting rid of it. Does anyone know of a web site I can input a bunch of ingredients and it finds recipes online which use the ingredients?
  23. K

    Home made pop

    Has anyone tried home made pop? Pop (Coca Cola in particular) is one of those things which I wake up for and would love to make some on my own. What are people's experiences?
  24. K

    Low sodium chili

    I was looking at for a chili recipe. Going through them, I noticed how high sodium everything is. A serving has anywhere from 1300-2700mg of sodium. I have no need to keep a low sodium diet, but this seems awfully high. What is it about chili that makes it so high sodium?
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    Campbell's Organic Chicken Broth US Equivalent

    I don't know what section to put this into. If there is a better place, let me know. My sister is a huge fan of the Campbell's Organic Free Range Chicken Broth (I am not allowed to post URLs based on my post count, otherwise I'd provide a link) which is sold in Canada. She can't find it here...
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