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    the "nutty" taste of pan-toasted, sliced garlic

    does anyone know where i can find instructions, written or video, on exactly how to toast sliced garlic? this technique apparently brings out the super delicious nutty taste of garlic, but apparently, it is also very hard to do. any suggestions/comments are appreciated.
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    Blue crab, crawfish boil pix

    i'm from La, and I'm moving back to La in about 3 weeks... just as the price of crawfish continue to fall. there's NOTHING like having access to FRESH crawfish, crabs, & shrimp and esp when they're all within a 30 min drive and at wholesale prices. i get all of my shrimp down at the dock about...
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    Oil - what kind for general use?

    for every day cooking = rice bran oil. for high-heat cooking = rice bran oil for deep-frying = rice bran oil for salad dressings = evoo (frantoia) for Asian salad dressings = rice bran oil rice bran oil is proven to have LOTS of health benefits... the highest smoke point, and it has a very...
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    anybody has experience using AGAR AGAR powder

    thx for the help, but i haven't been able to locate the agar sheets. instead, i ordered the powder version online... figuring it would dissolve faster, etc. well, it did, and then, it clumped, dissolved, and clumped-up again. :ohmy::mad::neutral: i will try to locate the sheets, and i will...
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    anybody has experience using AGAR AGAR powder

    i have family members that are vegetarians... that's why i'm trying to learn how to use the agar. they can't/won't have the gelatin. plus, i've had panna cotta made with agar, and it did have a lighter mouth-feel... not "custard-like." i just can't get it right. :mad:
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    anybody has experience using AGAR AGAR powder

    my family and friends LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my panna cotta. i make it with heavy cream, a little coconut cream, & milk, and i flavor it with just a touch of vanilla. normally, i use knox gelatin; it comes out perfect EVERY time, but a friend suggested using agar agar-saying that it would produce...
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    Differences in cooking oils?

    i use several oils in my kitchen... frantoia olive oil, grapeseed oil, pecan oil, clarified butter oil, etc., but my "go to" oil is california rice bran oil. the CRO has a very high smoke point, has a slightly nutty taste, and doesn't penetrate foods as much as other oils.
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    Anchovies/anchovy paste

    i use both anchovy paste and the 3 crabs brand of fish sauce. i'm often asked about a certain, underlying tone when i cook my swiss chard, but that's what it is... about a teaspoon of good anchovy paste. bacon and olive oil in a cold pan... render out the fat. remove the bacon and reserve...
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    Tramontina Tri-Ply Cookware

    my local walmart has two different sauce pans by tramontina, the 12 inch and the 10 inch. they're also running a sale on an entire tramontina set for $149. i have all the pieces except the stock pot; i'll wait to see if they start carrying it open stock.
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    How do these cookware brands compare?

    meanwhile, the line cooks in 99% of all restaurants are using aluminum pans or black iron skillets from the local restaurant supply. i have 2 aluminum fry pans that i put thru hell... and i have some debuyer black steel pans that i use frequently. none of them are pretty, and nothing matches...
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    Chipotle powder confusion

    i thought this was about the difference between morita chipotle and brown chipotle...
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    Tramontina Tri-Ply Cookware

    i'm not so financially well-off, and even though i love to cook, i could NEVER justify spending so much $$$ on all-clad. so, i've spent my time trying to find good, quality cookware, and i ended-up buying a combination of tramontina and a few french style skillets from the restaurant supply...
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    Kobe Beef?

    if you're near houston, texas, go down to Central Market (HEB) on Westheimer and 610. they have wagyu beef there, and you can get the ribeye cut for $38/pound. once a month or so, i buy one 1-1/4 inch thick, approximately 1.5 lb steak. i season it with salt and pepper (2:1 ratio) let it get...
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    Mud Bugs are in season 2009

    they're in season, but they are still very expensive and still very small. we're paying about $5 per lb boiled right now. hopefully, the price will start going down after Lent.
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    Did anyone eat breakfast today?

    stone ground yellow grits with sauteed crawfish tails and andouille sausage. on Sunday a.m., we go all-out for breakfast in the south.
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    Smart Balance "Butter"

    i order my Amish style butter from the minerva cheese factory, and i get my unsalted from a local dairy, Smith Creamery. ingredients: cream, salt.
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    Confused about Olive Oil Types

    i feel the same way about rice bran oil. it has a milder taste, a higher smoke point, is MORE HEALTHY, and cost less than evoo. but as i said, when i want the flavor of the olive oil in the dish, i use Frantoia, exclusively. Frantoia Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 2 bottles: Gourmet Food
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    Confused about Olive Oil Types

    i was once confused about using olive oil until i found-out about Frantoia. i use rice bran oil for deep frying, sauteeing, in vinaigrettes, etc., but when i cook Italian dishes, and i want to bring-out the best in the dish, i start with Frantoia, and i go from there.
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    Heavy cream

    i use Smith Creamery products, exclusively. their heavy cream and butter are the absolute best. i also have a nice stockpile of Minerva Cheese Factory Amish butter rolls too.
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    Anyone here use sweet sorghum???

    oh, i agree on the Steen's syrup!!! i've been using it all my life. Steen's ingredient list: pure sugar cane juice, slow simmered in open kettles. and here's my pancake and biscuit syrup recipe: 1/4 cup of the best maple syrup you can get your hands on. 3/4 cup Steen's 1/2 tsp. dark rum (i...
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    Heavy cream

    agreed. there is a difference btw cream and heavy whipping cream and from what i've learned recently, there's also a big difference on the quality of the cream. the heavy cream i get here from the local dairy is 40%+ in milkfat, and it adds a richness that is just plain sinful.
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    Anyone here use sweet sorghum???

    my local farmer's market just started stocking-up on sorghum from a local producer. i've heard of it before, but i've never used it. well, i experimented with it as a sweetener in a vinaigrette, but that's it. how do you use sorghum?
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    Heavy cream

    i'm blessed with having a local dairy nearby... allowing me to get all my butter, cream, milk, etc., fresh or as they say, "12 hours out of the cow." i also live 2 miles away from one of the largest farmer's markets in the area... got my hands on some mirlitons (vegetable pears or chayotes)...
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    Help, please. Need thickening agent for crab dip

    drink the rest of the sherry until the room starts spinning, and then, you won't care about the "liquidity" of the dip.
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    My AC unit is running today!!! 78 F in New Orleans

    a week ago, we had snow in new orleans for the first time since dec 2004. today, it's a warm spring day at 78 F and partly sunny. tomorrow, we're expected to reach a record high of 81 F. my home reached 81 F and the AC unit is running.:ohmy::ohmy::ohmy:
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