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  1. J

    ISO weeknight vegetarian cookbook

    Like the title says, I'm looking for a weeknight vegetarian cookbook. I'm not a vegetarian, but I seldom cook meat these days (although vegan need not apply). I'm cooking for one, if that makes a difference.
  2. J

    Leftover whey from ricotta

    I made some ricotta this morning, and was wondering if there was anything I could do with the whey?
  3. J

    Almond flour

    I "discovered" almost an entire package of almond flour in the freezer. I bought it late last year in a full hardy attempt at making macaroons. Any ideas how I can use it up?
  4. J

    Lead-free crystal

    I'm looking at getting some better wine glasses. I had my eye on this glass, but the "24% lead crystal" caught my eye. It seems to me that regularly consuming an acidic beverage from lead crystal would be a bad idea. Can anyone recommend good alternative?
  5. J

    Wine making

    Well, over the holidays the topic of wine making came up and a couple relatives said that they make wine, and it's not really that difficult. Has anyone done it? Can you make good wine yourself? Any tips or suggestions? I saw an ad yesterday on PBS Create for a complete wine kit for $65...
  6. J

    Beef Roast Failure

    Over the weekend I did my first beef roast. I've done pork shoulders before, and did the beef boneless chuck roast the same way (which may have been my first mistake). I applied a dry rub and braised the roast, covered, at 250deg F until it reached an internal temp of 190deg F. I removed the...
  7. J

    Lamb chop ideas?

    I had lamb chops last spring at the Belagio, but I've never made them myself. I got a good deal on some lamb chops at the store this morning and am looking for some ideas on how to prepare them. Now it's snowing with a 20 below wind chill outside, so indoor recipes only please.
  8. J

    Gingerbread pancakes

    I'm working on gingerbread pancakes. I worked on this some time back, but could not get any ginger taste (despite using 2-4T per 1/2 cup of flour). The problem had to have been old/bad ginger. I now have some fresh powdered ginger, and I'm starting again. Here's what I'm going to try first...
  9. J

    Macadamia nuts

    I have a brittle recipe that calls for macadamia nuts. I checked several stores and cannot find them. Is there another nut that I can use instead?
  10. J

    Forum from smart phone

    Almost every thread a try to view on my Palm Treo, gives me this message: The Requested Page can not be displayed I'm not having any problems with other forums, just this one. Any ideas?
  11. J

    Medium-rare duck breast

    Does anyone know why it's generally considered OK to cook duck breast medium-rare? I tried Google, but all I found was a lot of amateur speculation.
  12. J

    Magnetic knife bar and ceramic knives

    I would like to get a magnetic knife bar for a number of reasons. The problem is that I have a couple of ceramic knives that I still use on a regular basis, and I'm not sure where to keep them. If I have to keep my knife block, that defeats the purpose of getting the magnetic knife bar...
  13. J

    MO - Moberly ... good eats?

    I'll be spending a weekend in Moberly, MO soon, and was wondering if anyone could recommend any good places to eat near there.
  14. J

    How do I remove "Gunk" on non-stick griddle?

    I have a couple of non-stick griddles that I use for making things like French toast, grilled cheese and pancakes. I wash then with a cloth or a sponge, then towel dry them and they look clean. Later when I get then out to use, I can see a shadow on the surface. Scratching with my fingernail...
  15. J

    Looking for a whisk

    I am trying to find a certain type of whisk. The end resembles a slightly un-coiled spring, and is circular so that it can rest flat on the bottom of a pan. My sister has a nylon one. She thinks that she got it through Pampered Chef but their website doesn't list anything like it.
  16. J

    How to hold a kitchen knife?

    I never gave much thought on how to hold a kitchen knife until, while helping out in my sister's kitchen, I kept ending up with cuts on the index finger of my knife hand. I eventually discovered that I was resting my index finger on the back of the blade and the false edge of her knives are...
  17. J

    Cornbread sticks sticking

    I love cornbread but there are times that I do not need a whole skillet of cornbread. So I bought a stick pan. No matter what I do, I cannot keep the cornbread from sticking. I grease the pan. I've tried preheating it, I've tried not preheating it but nothing seems to make a difference...
  18. J

    Chipoltles, red onion & English muffins

    I am looking for some way to use the following eclectic bunch of ingredients: Canned chipotle peppers in adobo sauce Red onion English muffins I have some ground beef or chicken that I could also throw in.
  19. J

    Chef Depot?

    Is anyone familiar with Chef Depot? Is it online-only or do they also have brick-and-mortar locations?
  20. J

    Szechuan Peppercorn

    I added some Szechuan Peppercorns to my last Penzeys Spices order on a whim. I must say that they have a unique flavor and are unlike anything Szechuan that I have ever had. Does anyone have experience with these? Any ideas what I can use them in?
  21. J

    Kahlúa-flavored French Toast

    Kahlúa-flavored French Toast 1/2 cup milk 1 egg 1 t Splenda 1 T DaVinci Kahlúa-flavored coffee syrup 3-4 slices bread (I prefer Texas toast or homemade Brioche) Set the bread out on a plate overnight (optional) Combine the milk, egg, Splenda & DaVinci syrup Preheat skillet or griddle (medium-low...
  22. J

    ISO non-perishable sandwich ideas

    I need something I can take for lunch that does not require refrigeration.
  23. J

    Why cook with wine?

    One question, why?
  24. J

    Refrigerate Brioche dough?

    I have a Bread-Machine Brioche recipe that takes 4 hours to make (1 hr 45 min to mix, 1 hr in refrigerator, 45 min to raise & 30 min to bake). Can I leave the mix the dough one day and leave it in the refrigerator until the next day?
  25. J

    Orange flower water?

    I have a recipe that calls for Orange flower water. Any ideas what I can use in its place?
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