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    Luminarium - a fine online English Literature website

    For those who love English Literature of the Renaissance, 17th Century and Medieval periods I recommend Luminarium. Luminarium: Anthology of English Literature
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    What can I make with a glut of chillies please?

    (loyaty free image) We have a large bush of the above, Bolivian rainbow chillies. Are they hot? Or, just the red ones? From DC we have already made sweet chilli jam (excellent!) Chilli jam (another sweet version, also excllnt) Liutenitza, which I've made using romano peppers/chillies I...
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    When hornets are around, usually September, best let them carve out a bit of your meat and fly it back to their nest, rather than you wave your arms about only to get badly stung. Up in the mountains of Massouri is a great hornets nest of several hundred thousand. Being so high and...
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    I have a vegetarian friend who's picky with food, so I wondered if anyone can give me some recipes using Texturized Vegetable Protein? This is important to me, because my friend is 17 and seriously ill. Thank you.
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    My boy has growing pains in his legs

    And he can't get to sleep, which is why I'm up so dreadfully late. :sad: I've given him some liquid painkiller (suitable for children), lots of huggs and he has my Peter Rabbit hot water bottle. But I'm at a loss as to know what to do.
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    Homemade chocolates

    How may I achieve that lovely gloss on chocolate that I wish to cover my (extremely scrumptious) diabetic truffles? I'm sorely tempted to leave it off and instead pop them, all rough, into my piggy lil' mouth. :lol:
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    Hi, is it permitted or possible to have my bathing duck as a sig? :smile:
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    Petrol prices in the US

    Purely out of curiosity, how much is a US Gallon of Super Unleaded? (100 Octane)
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    Does anyone do volunteer charity work?

    For two years I've been working at St Patrick's Church, Hove for homeless men. It has a night shelter built into the church and is covered by The Lorica Trust. The Lorica Trust's website presently down, but you can Google St Pat's. It's on Wiki. I help in the kitchens and sit with the men and...
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    I'm making a recipe scrapbook

    I was thinking how my boy loves colourful pictures and I've started making a scrapbook of recipes, but printing off pictures to stick against them. Like this! :lol: Pink Piggy Cupcakes. And Georgie boy laughed and said "Mummy let's make him can we?" I said sure we can! But I thought I'm...
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    Difficult recipe

    I'm wanting to make my family a Symian dessert called Metaxa and Date Pudding. (#61) Greek Recipes from Symi by Adriana Shum> But I see the measurements are in mililitres, rather than by weight. How can I convert to Imperial or, Metric? I so want to make this pudding though can't eat it myself.
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    I decided on a complete changeround

    Has anyone burnt the candle both ends by over working? Today I realised I have, so I've cut my hours down to spend more time with my boy and enjoy cooking more. Today I made this lamb casserole. It's a slow cook, and in the old "Tower band" oval casserole which I've had a long time now. And the...
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    E-mail notification problem

    I have double-checked my edit options to ensure the box for 'Receive Email Notification of New Private Messages' is unchecked. But I am still receiving E-mail notifications. Is there something I have missed? Thank you.
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    Problem with sun dried tomatoes

    I returned from home with 2kg tomatoes that had been dried in the sun. I can not remember how to use them, but would like if it's possible to store them in extra-virgin olive oil. Must the dried tomatoes first be warmed in the oil before packing? I have dried oregano and wild thyme picked from...
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    New member from England

    I was referred here by a friend and have read the board rules and agree to them. I am Greek from the Dodecanese islands. My late mother taught me to cook. I joined D.C to learn more and make friends. Thank you, Poppi Georgina
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