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    the "nutty" taste of pan-toasted, sliced garlic

    does anyone know where i can find instructions, written or video, on exactly how to toast sliced garlic? this technique apparently brings out the super delicious nutty taste of garlic, but apparently, it is also very hard to do. any suggestions/comments are appreciated.
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    anybody has experience using AGAR AGAR powder

    my family and friends LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my panna cotta. i make it with heavy cream, a little coconut cream, & milk, and i flavor it with just a touch of vanilla. normally, i use knox gelatin; it comes out perfect EVERY time, but a friend suggested using agar agar-saying that it would produce...
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    Anyone here use sweet sorghum???

    my local farmer's market just started stocking-up on sorghum from a local producer. i've heard of it before, but i've never used it. well, i experimented with it as a sweetener in a vinaigrette, but that's it. how do you use sorghum?
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    My AC unit is running today!!! 78 F in New Orleans

    a week ago, we had snow in new orleans for the first time since dec 2004. today, it's a warm spring day at 78 F and partly sunny. tomorrow, we're expected to reach a record high of 81 F. my home reached 81 F and the AC unit is running.:ohmy::ohmy::ohmy:
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    Anne Burrell: Secrets of a Restaurant Chef

    i just read that she does NOT ever, under any circumstance, use black pepper in anything she cooks. furthermore, she stated in an article that she won't ever hire a cook that uses black pepper. what's the deal with NOT using black pepper? i don't get it. i thought "salt and pepper to...
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    Technical question - what is the name of this technique

    ok, i really love braised beef short ribs. i mean, i really, really, really love braised short ribs, and i cook them several different ways: 1. mirepoix + red wine + well browned ribs + 300 F oven for 4 hours. 2. moroccan style with a sweet, cinnamon-based rub braised in beef stock with a...
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    Rice bran oil = my new cooking oil. period.

    1. rice bran oil, hands down, is the best oil i've used for sauteeing, stir-frys, etc. i haven't deep-fried with it, but i will tonite. there is no smoking problem with this oil. 2. pecan oil because it's just as 'light' as rice bran oil but the $$$$ hurts. ouch. 3. grapeseed oil - high...
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    Name 3 things you have trouble cooking?

    for me, it's the following: 1. toasted garlic. first, i just can't ever get it right. i've tried it in the oven and on the stovetop (with & without oil), and I just can't get that GREAT toasted flavor correct. 2. perfect basmati rice. i'm from louisiana, and we eat a LOT of rice. i often...
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    What's your fav method for roasting garlic?

    here's the way i do it... never had a complaint yet: 1. one cup fresh peeled garlic cloves left whole. 2. one cup of good extra virgin olive oil (i use frantoia or lucini select) method: place oil + garlic in an oven proof dish where the cloves are submersed in the oil completely; a tall...
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    Anyone here use achiote paste?

    i recently visited a south american restaurant and had a tilapia dish prepared with a achiote glaze. now, i'm trying to learn how to use achiote in glazes, etc., myself. anyone here have any ideas, uses, recommendations, comments, etc?
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    Is grapeseed oil >>> olive oil???

    i've got ZOE brand olive oil (spain), and i've got my favorite, Frantoia as well. but lately, i've been reading-up on grapeseed oil and yesterday, i caught some on sale (la tourangelle brand) at 50% off (expiration sept. 09). from what i've read so far, grapeseed oil is good for just about...
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    Calphalon store @ the houston premium outlets!!!

    if you live in the san antonio, houston, or austin area, you might want to head over to the new houston premium outlet mall to score big at the calphalon store. i went in today and landed the 8.5 qt oval dutch oven for $49.00 today. the regular price is $179.00, but they said that the cabernet...
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    Maggi seasoning... how does it taste?

    anyone here ever use maggi seasoning?
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    Minor's Culinary Cream: anybody here ever use it?

    anybody have any experience using this product? my favorite italian restaurant's sous chef told me that they use minor's culinary cream in just about ALL of their sauces... it PREVENTS them from breaking even at high heat. anybody know where to find this stuff?
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    FoodNetwork Travel Shows

    now the Neely's are traveling around on behalf of foodnetwork. who doesn't have a travel show on that channel? i just don't get it. :neutral:
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    The most mysterious shrimp scampi!!!!

    ok, i'm about to give-up on cooking altogether if i can't figure this one out. ingredients: 1. 2 lbs fresh gulf shrimp 2. 1/2 cup dry vermouth 3. juice of one lemon 4. crushed red pepper flakes 5. 4 cloves garlic sliced razor thin 6. one half shallot sliced razor thin 7. frantoia evoo...
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    Please recommend a Gordon Ramsay cookbook

    anyone have any comments on gordon's books? i've heard good things about the latest one, but i don't follow him too much. any suggestions?
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    Sanelli knives - anyone here use them?

    Sanelli Knives mario batali uses these knives on iron chef america sometimes. just wondering if anyone here has them or has used them...
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    Anyone here ever use AMISH BUTTER ROLLS??

    is this butter any good? i'm thinking of ordering a roll or two, but it's salted butter... anyone here ever cook, bake, etc. with it? if so, what were your results? i've been told that it's a good finishing butter.
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    Kobe beef prices... will they ever come down?

    years ago, i heard about kobe beef... all the wonderful marbling, the excellent treatment of the cattle, the feed of the cattle, and the fact that the fat in kobe beef is mostly monounsaturated. but then, the prices hit me... :ohmy::ohmy::ohmy: today i ventured to the Central Market (HEB) here...
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    ISO: french bread recipe

    i'm tired of buying bread that's undercooked, overcooked, too hard, too soft, etc. anyone have a good recipe for french bread they'd like to share?
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    Le Creuset cookware: why is it so pricey?

    why do they charge sooooooo much $$$ for this cookware? is it really THAT much different than the new enameled from lodge, calphalon, tramontina, etc.?
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    Member's Mark butter VS most store brands

    i tried the member's mark butter on the advice of a friend, and i must admit... IT IS FRESH, SMELLS YUMMY, AND TASTES just as good or BETTER than the more common store brands. when i opened the pack, i could smell the mild nutty flavor from the butter. i must say, i was pleasantly...
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    I accidentally dropped 2 chipotles in my chicken soup

    :chef::chef::chef: uh, i made my usual chicken soup and decided to drop two small dried chipotles into the pot... bringing it to a rolling boil for 10 min and a nice simmer for 15 more. :ohmy: they added a whole new level of flavor to my soup!! anyone ever try using these dried peppers in...
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    Deglazing question: which goes first?

    ok, so i'm making chicken marsala, one of my favorites to cook and eat. tonight, my girl asked, "why did you deglaze with the marsala this time? last time, you deglazed with the chicken stock, then added the marsala." my question to y'all: "does it matter if i deglaze with the stock, add the...
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