An unsophisticated salad

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Feb 4, 2003
For half a century we've called it "Grandma"s Salad" My Mother concocted it 'way back when - I don't recall. (I must mention that my Mother was a really lousy cook, so this was something of a miracle) But we've always really enjoyed this simple but somewhat uncommon salad. Perhaps you'd like to try it.

The recipe is utterly simple: celery, cucumber, canned peas, scallions, bell pepper, all diced to pea size, with roughly equl quantities of each. Add a generous but not sloppy amount of Best Food Mayonaise (Hellmans"s), toss, refrigerate until lightly chilled, and serve.

Our wholle family demands it on holidays, and I just enjoyed it with dinner tonight.

It's good!

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