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Pigs On The Wing BBQ

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Apr 29, 2005
Akron New York

Makes 3# or 10-12 good-sized sausages.
can be easily doubled or tripled
If you don't want to mess around with extruding into casings,
you can form into thick patties and serve on crusty Kaiser rolls.

2 # Pork Shoulder or Pork Butt - with a fair amount of fat on it
1 # Veal or Ground Veal
1/2 t ground Allspice
3 T fresh Parsley
1-1/2 t freshly grated nutmeg
1/2 t crushed caraway seed - optional (I leave it out)
1 t dried marjoram
1/2 medium onion - grated
1 t white pepper
freshly ground black pepper to taste
kosher salt to taste
freshly pressed Garlic - to taste (6 large cloves)
1 bottle of beer [plus additional for the wurstmeister!]
Hog Casings

Grind the cold pork with the coarse disc.
Grind the cold Veal or add the ground veal.
Add all the seasonings and ingredients.

Get in there with your hands and mix it well...nothing like
a good old "ice cream headache" in the fingers! Cover and refrigerate overnight.

Grind the entire mixture with the fine disc.
At this point, I advise that you make a small pattie and cook it to see
if you want to adjust any of the seasonings.
If not, you can proceed to extrude or form into patties or both.
The Brats freeze well. ~W( Wendy Was a good pal who passed away a few years back. )

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