Assistant cook, wtf?

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Feb 16, 2013
Waterdown, Ontario
Psycho-poodle can make ANY plate or pan look perfectly clean. I'm not sure the health department would approve of his methods of cleaning those plates and pans. He uses the same methods to clean the kitchen floor, and his private parts.


Man living alone in woods with only his two dogs for company, has little to no contact to the outside world, suddenly an old, old friend turns up for a visit. They share a wonderful rustic meal over the fire and talk for hours.

Friend - "So, how do you do it? Never going into towns. What do you do for supplies? For example, how do you wash your dishes?"

Man - "What do you mean - How do I wash my dishes? I use Soap and Water, of course! You saw how clean they are."

Friend - "Yes, they were spotless! I'll help you clean up, if you'd like."

Man - " No, no, no... it's OK. Soap & Water will do their job. Here Soap! Here Water!"
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