Aunt Joyce's Creamy Potatoes w/ luv's improvs (TNT)

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Aug 24, 2004
da 'burgh
-1 (5-lb.) bag red potatoes
-3 (1/2 pt.) containers whipping cream*
-onion salt
-garlic powder**
-fresh-cracked black pepper
-scallions, snipped or sliced

boil potatoes as for potato salad (till tender, but not mushy.) cool, peel***, and grate 1/3 of potatoes into 13x9" buttered baking dish. generously season. repeat in two more layers. pour cream over potatoes evenly. cover w/ foil and refrigerate overnight. remove foil and bake at 350 degrees for an hour. garnish w/ scallions or the chives.

*-heavy cream can be subbed for the whipping cream
**-Aunt Joyce's recipe doesn't call for garlic, but it really adds a lot to the dish.
***-potatoes can be left unpeeled. this adds a lot of color and makes a nice contrast to the scallions. Yukon Golds may be substituted.
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