Bacon Avocado Chicken Sandwich and Kale Soup

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Executive Chef
Oct 7, 2009
San Diego CA
Pounded out a couple of BSCB, seasoned with black pepper, Webers Kickin' Chicken, then breaded them in Italian bread crumbs. I wanted to use Panko but was out.

Was a rainy afternoon but it let up just as we were getting home from running a few errands so I got to cook these on the grill.

Cooked up some bacon then added lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, mayo, grainy mustard on a ciabatta roll.

Also made Sausage White Bean Kale soup. A new soup to us and boy do we really like it. It was a hot soup and sandwich kind of day today, a little chilly and rainy so this meal really hit the spot!


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