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Greg Rempe

Web Celeb
Moderator Emeritus
Jan 4, 2005
Cleveland, Ohio
Chris Finney said:
Since it seems like Bill is at least temporaly gone...

Can you have his likeness removed from the BBQ-4-U logo and replace him with Chef from South Park? :-D

Chris...that is not Bill !!!! and no I am not going to put something else there. Let it be a standing tribute to him if you think it looks like him :cry:

Shawn White

Sous Chef
Jan 5, 2005
Calgary, Alberta
Woodman said:
... I vote to put the Swedish chef from the Muppets there!
LMAO Woodman

everybody sing along:

'yeeer borg smeeer bee doo, be-do be-do'
'yeer borg e smeer borg be dooo'
'bork bork bork'

that chef couldn't prepare so much as a meatball to save his life ...

if he is on the logo I think his face ought to be black and smoke coming off him as if he got flashed from opening his oxygen starved pit

I can imagine him doing these things (WSM based):

-light it in the kitchen

-tie live chickens to the grates

-stick a temp probe in the coals

-deep fry spuds in the water pan
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