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Mar 12, 2005
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BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The mourning parents of a traffic accident victim who visited their son's grave near Antwerp Friday evening were shocked to find the local gravediggers enjoying their annual barbecue at the graveyard.

Workers at the cemetery in Merksem had music playing and their children were running around near the graves, De Morgen newspaper said Wednesday.

The parents called the police. Antwerp city hall said it had never granted permission for such a party.

Gravedigger Willy Wouters told the daily the barbecue -- held yearly -- had never caused trouble before, as the cemetery used to close at five o'clock in the evening. Under new rules, it is open from sunrise until sunset.

"We understand we've hurt people. We did not realize that our barbecue shocked some people. It was the last time, we won't do it again," Wouters said.

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