bbq pulled pork butt

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Apr 4, 2010
I need to ask the question about if i was to cook for 100 people.
Im cooking pulled pork butt would 30lbs be enought to do the job.


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Aug 19, 2004
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fishon, it depends on what cut of pig you have, and what else is being served, but 30 lbs should be plenty.

for my dept's christmas party this past year, i made a half sevice tray of bbq style, and a half service tray of carolina style pulled pork that fed around 75 to 80 people. both deep 1/2 trays were packed to the top and were so heavy that i needed to double the aluminum trays up so they wouldn't bend or collapse.

i made 2 picnic roasts and 2 butts, i'm guessing around 7 or 8 lbs each. i used 1 of each cut in each 1/2 tray of pulled pork, so maybe around 22 to 24 pounds in total.

you get a slightly different flavour from each cut, and i've heard so many different opinions on who prefers what, so i combined 1 of each.

there's a lot more waste from skin and bone on california picnics so they're often much cheaper.

i slow cooked mine with onions, so that helped stretch the meat out a bit as well when the cooked onion was chopped and added to the meat.

one trick i learned: if you're serving them with bread, serve them on mini-buns, aka slider rolls if you think you may not have enough for everyone.



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Jan 3, 2008
Portion size is so very important. Are they all men? 1/2 men 1/2 women? Kids in there?

I'm think'n smoke'n so my #'s may be off, but for smoke'n I'dd throw another 2 butts on the smoker. Look'n at 46#'s, about, fresh uncooked. So many variables. I'd rather have plenty and save it than turn people away.

Chances are 30 will do, but heck, the pit crew will eat 10#'s alone! :LOL:

Good luck, pix are important!

Uncle Bob

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Nov 5, 2006
Small Town Mississippi
I need to ask the question about if i was to cook for 100 people.
Im cooking pulled pork butt would 30lbs be enough to do the job.

30 lbs raw product or 30 lbs cooked meat????

If cooked...30 lbs will yield 120 4oz servings ~~~ 120 Ok sandwiches..
If cooked...30 lbs will yield 80 6oz servings ~~~ 80 Nice sandwiches.

If Raw.. After trimming, shrinkage during cooking, excess fat, pulling loss, bone etc your yield will be in the 40-60% range...A 8 lb pork butt will yield roughly 3-5 pounds of usable meat.....Figuring a 50% yield ( 4 lbs.of usable meat) ~~ will give you 16 4 oz. sandwiches...or 11 6 oz sandwiches....

The question you need to answer is how many sandwiches will your 100 people eat.

Good luck and Have Fun!


Mr. Greenjeans
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May 21, 2009
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30 lbs will feed me and my kids. When should we get there?

Seriously though, I would go a little more. Shrinkage, water loss and bone take up a lot of weight.
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